Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Boston North East Board Officers Elected

The Boston North East Board AGM took place on Sunday, February 20, at the Irish Cultural Center.  The playing fields were still covered with a blanket of snow, and with temperatures not much warmer than freezing, notions of football and hurling seemed distant indeed.  Preparations must begin however, and with delegates from 23 clubs present there was an eagerness to get the ball rolling for the coming season.  The officers for 2011 were elected. There were no positions that came down to a vote, though John McDevitt needed a little nudge to accept the position of Treasurer for another year. McDevitt accepted on the understanding that he can enlist help at the gate on match days.

There were plenty of issues discussed including coverage of the games during the season, sponsorship, registration deadlines and sanctions, and the cost of insurance. Secretary Dan O’Connor credited the clubs with maintaining a high standard of play in Boston, and cited recent games where local selections played a New York team that was weeks away from competing in the Connaught Championship and ran them close, and beat a visiting Dublin Bus team in October. Treasurer John McDevitt mentioned that receipts were down on previous years and acknowledged that 2010 was a tough year in that regard.

Ellen Joyce and Mike Moynihan spoke on behalf of Divisional Youth Board. Over the last 3 years 9 underage clubs have formed with more than 500 registered players and is continuing to grow, with 4 more new clubs in the pipeline. Also, the Irish Cultural Center will host the Continental Youth Championships in August, a competition that features underage teams from all across North America. There will be in excess of 2,000 players, along with coaches and parents a big weekend is in store.

There will also be a Junior C hurling competition with three new hurling clubs now under the umbrella of the board. The Barley House Wolves of Concord New Hampsire, Portland Maine, and Worcester will participate in the competition. John Farrell noted that along with Hartford, there is now a presence in almost all of the North East states.

The new board will reconvene on Sunday, March 6 at the Boyne at 2:00.

Present at the AGM of the Boston were:
 L-R Dara Madden, Dan Hanna, Ray Valas (Barley House Wolves HC)
Alan McGrath and Mike Dalahanty (Portland Maine HC).

L-R: John Farrell, Gerry Prior, Francie Foster,
Bernie Connaughton, James Grealish.

The election of officers went smoothly. New board members are Frances Finucane who was nominated as assistant secretary and Rory O’Donnell as PRO. Trustees are Francie Foster, Gerry Prior, and Pat Kenneally. Connie McEleaney was nominated as Honorary President. All other officers returned for another year on the board. The board for 2011 is: Chairman - John Farrell, Vice Chairman – John Cunningham, Secretary – Dan O’Connor, Assistant Secretary – Frances Finucane, Treasurer – John McDevitt, Assistant Treasurer – Pat Kelly, Registrar – Paul Ryan, Youth Officer – Ollie Garry, PRO – Rory O’Donnell, Trustees – Francie Foster, Gerry Prior, and Pat Kenneally.
By Rory O'Donnell

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