Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Sun June 25- Men's Senior Football- Connemara Gaels v Galway

Connemara Gaels took the win on Sunday in their battle against Galway in the men’s Senior Football Championship. Both teams showed up with a hunger for victory, after their first meeting this season ended in a draw.  

Galway’s Reece Burke (10) was the first scorer of the match, which was followed by a point from the Gaels’. The rival teams went point-for-point in the first few minutes, racking up an impressive number of scores. Points for Gaels’ number 6, Mikey Kerr and number 13, Simon Garrity put them at an advantage.  

The scoring remained high throughout the first half. Galway’s number 12, Conor Flaherty scored two incredible points and assisted several others. It was Gaels’ James Darcy (12) that secured the first goal of the game.  

The heat was visibly affecting the players and a water break was called. Shortly after, a successful penalty taken by Galway’s number 11, Danny Burke, put them on equal terms with the Gaels. The two teams maintained identical scores on the scoreboard for much of the first half. It was almost impossible to predict who would pull through in the second half and take the win.  

Galway’s number 8, Ikem Uguanwee, bagged their second goal, followed by a point from number 2, Anthony Keating. Gaels retaliated with two more points to finish the first half, three points behind Galway.  

The Gaels made two substitutions sending number 20, Daniel Kerr, on for number 9, Keelan McGann and 22, Aaron Griffin, on for number 10, Jack Lundy. Top scorer of the game, Galway number 12, Conor Flaherty, continued his streak with two more points. Gaels’ number 11, Daniel Lynam, struck a goal, and this seemed to be the start of their fierce comeback. Points from Emmet McMahon (7), Griffin (22) and a goal from Garrity (13), put pressure on Galway. Griffin (22), who came on as a sub, proved his place on the field with an impressive run. Galway’s full back line was on high alert. While a comeback still looked possible for Galway, a goal from Gaels’ Lynam (11), made it seem less likely. The last three scores from Gaels Daniel Kerr (20) and Mikey Kerr (6), sealed their fate. Galway finished the game with a point from Flaherty (12), but there was no hope of catching the boys in Green and White.  

Connemara Gaels were victorious with a final score of 4-19 to 2-14.  


Connemara Gaels: 

  1. James Keoghan 
  2. Tommy Gill 
  3. Eoighan Murray 
  4. Coleman Mulkerrins 
  5. Jack Lynch 
  6. Emmett McMahon 
  7. Nathan Donnelly 
  8. Keelan McGann 
  9. Jack Lundy 
  10. Daniel Lynam 
  11. James Darcy 
  12. Simon Garrity 



  1. Jamie Kelly 
  2. Anthony Keating 
  3. Dara Whelan 
  4. Kieran O’Dwyer 
  5. Stewy Cullen 
  6. Aidan Flanagan 
  7. Eoin Morrisey 
  8. Ikem Uguanwee 
  9. Patrick Moylan 
  10. Reece Burke 
  11. Danny Burke
  12. Conor Flaherty
  13. Nathan Grainger 

Sun June 25- Mens Senior Hurling- Galway v Fr. Tom Burke’s


Galway dominated the Senior Hurling Championship game last Sunday, taking the win against Fr. Tom Burke’s. Though Tom’s started off strong with 4 points in the opening minutes, they couldn’t hold onto the advantage for long. Points from Galway’s Mark Kennedy (11) and Shane Barrett (7) kicked off the game and then a goal from Kennedy (11) put them ahead of their rivals.  

Great play from Tom’s number 13, Richie Lalor, and number 8, Sam Quirke, kept them in the game. The first half came to an end with a point from Galway’s Kennedy (11), making it a five-point game at half time.  

Galway took over the game in the second half. They maintained possession for the majority of the game and though they tried, Toms just couldn’t secure the scores they needed. Two Galway goals put them further ahead and it seemed they were too far ahead to catch. The game finished with a final score of Galway 3-16 to Fr. Tom Burke’s 0-15.  



  1. John Colman 
  2. Niall O’Leary 
  3. Shane Ryan  
  4. Michael Moylan 
  5. Ciaran Joyce 
  6. Ger Mellerick 
  7. Shane Barrett 
  8. Danny Burke 
  9. Sean Twomey 
  10. Eoin Morrissey 
  11. Mark Kennedy 
  12. Padraig Power 
  13. Ciaran Brennan 

Fr. Tom Burkes: 

  1. Kevin Flynn 
  2. Eoin Roche 
  3. Brian Troy 
  4. Conor Fahey 
  5. Daire Leary 
  6. Brian Roche 
  7. Aidan O’Malley 
  8. Sam Quirke 
  9. Dylan Coyne 
  10. Kevin Moynihan  
  11. Owen McCarthy 
  12. Gearoid Lynch 
  13. Richie Lalor