Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sun Jul 28 - Junior A Football: Connemara Gaels v Wolfe Tones

Wolfetones went in to today's matchup looking for a victory to keep their Championship ambitions alive. The Gaels on the other hand were on the other side of the coin, looking for a win to gather a victory to end their season with.

There was a slow start to the game, with a number of wides from both sides. Cormac Joyce Power for the Wolfetones broke the deadlock in the 6th minute, scoring a free off the ground. The Gaels would get a point of their own off Tom McDonnell, and a great save by Eoin Connolly of Naomh Anna Leitir Mor, kept them in the game as he deflected a 1 on 1 shot over the bar. Connolly would made another great save against Lambe once again , as he got low to block the shot out for a 45. Joyce stood to take the free, and sent it over the post to extend their lead. This would be a continuing theme in the match as the Gaels keeper would save two more shots in the half. While they weren’t having much luck in terms of goals, they were racking up the points, and setting the tone for the match. The Gaels would keep their hopes alive though as full back Chris Lafferty scored a goal after a good run and flow of play. By the Tones would be in the lead at half time 0-9 to 1-2

At the start of the 2nd half, The Tones started strong with a good goal off rebound from Kevin O’Brien to finally beat Connolly. Dean Cahill would respond with a beautiful point to try and keep their chances alive. An unfortunate own goal would add to their difficulties, as a Gaels defender tried to clear the fisted ball from the line, palmed it into the side of the net. The Gaels would have a number of wides as they tried to crawl back into contention. The Gaels would get 2 quick goals from Dean Cahill, who made a great run and powered it past the keeper, and Paddy McGee. The Tones would retaliate with goals of their own as Shane O’Brien would score two goals, one kicked in off a Connolly save, to seal the victory for the Tones with a scoreline of 4-15 to 4-6.

With this loss, the Gaels would end their Junior A season without a victory, while the Tones will go on to a matchup against McAnespies to try and salvage a spot in the finals

Wolftones : Patrick Gallagher, Keith Gill, Oisin McCormac, Steven Sullivan, Patrick Collins, Kevin O’Brien, Ian Whelan, Barry McShea, Shane O’Brien, Cormac Joyce Power, Marty Farrell, Dan McCabe, Ryan Lambe

Connemara Gaels : Eoin Connolly, Chris Lafferty, Mike Coyne, Kevin Walsh, Pat Mcnicholas, Colman Conroy, Sal D’Amico, Dean Cahill, Donal Reaney, Tom McDonnell, Paddy McGee, John Cromry, Kieran Lowe

Written By: Evan McDonagh
Portland vs Cork - Junior B Championship (July 28th)

Cork travelled up to Portland to face each other in their last game of the season. Both teams were on different sides of the spectrum with one looking to lock their place in the semi-finals in place, while the other was looking to build further on their brave entry into a competitive division as amateurs to the game. 

Portland played with heart and conviction, and compared to their first game, where they managed 1-1, showed vast signs of improvement in terms of field play and accuracy as they scored 1-6 in this match. Experience would be in Corks favor however, and they would go on to win the match.

Portland will have learned a lot from being thrown in the deep end, and for sure, they will be developing in the fall and spring to come into next year’s championship with new vigor.

Written By: Evan McDonagh

Sat Jul 27 - Inter Football: Cork v Christopher's

In another meeting between these two teams, Cork and Christophers faced off in the Cultural Center in Canton, MA on a fine July evening. In a match of high importance, Cork were looking to gain retribution for their loss against the same team in their previous meeting to seal their place in the Intermediate Football Final, while Christophers were looking to turn their fate around after a slow start to the season, and keep their championship hopes alive.

Christophers would start the scoring with a point from Aengus Carmady. But it would be Tiernan Rushe who would make an impact by scoring 4 unanswered points in response. Christophers would make multiple attempts to break into the Cork defence, however, they stood strong and blocked most of Christopher’s attempts at scoring, including a well blocked set play, and a stopped goal chance from shot stopper Kieran McAenery. Christophers broke their scoring deadlock in the 15th minute with a point from Fionnan O’Shea and would go on to score a few more alongside the Cork scores to finish the half Cork 0-9 Christopher’s 0-4

Cork would score the 2nd half as they started, with Ballyholland and Down u21 player Tiernan Rushe once again running riot and scoring points, and assisting with a goal, as he ran the ball from the wing, and passed the ball across the square to Darragh Murphy who fisted the ball in the back of the net. Christopher’s got a chance to attempt a comeback as they got a penalty. However the chance was kicked wide and Cork would run away with the game, as a number of points from Rushe and a well worked goal as he turned his man in the square to add to his 1-10 tally. Christophers would get a consolation goal from Ian O’Callaghan, but it would be Cork who would be victorious with a score of 2-17 to 1-7.

With this victory, Cork have sealed their place in the Intermediate Football Championship final, where they will face the Shannon Blues. They will also face them in the final league game of the Championship on August 10th in what now will be a preview of the final,

Cork : Kiaran McAEnery, Frank Dillon, Paddy Clark, Jack Lacey, Adam Kenny, Emmett Smith, Mark Dalton, Jack Lucy, Jack Barrett, Darragh Murphy, Nick Mullane, Tiernan Rushe, Conor Greene

Christopher’s : Mark Molloy, Corey Buckley, Martin Coppiger, Denis Dempsey, James Higgins, Aengus Carmachy, Ian O’Callaghan, James Kergar, Jerry Kenneally, Mark Delaney, Kenneth O’Reilly, Fionnan O’Shea, Dan Kenneally

Written By: Evan McDonagh

Sat Jul 27 - Junior Hurling: Offaly v Fr. Tom Burke's; Portland v Hartford

Once again in the Junior A Championship, Father Tom Burkes faced off against Offaly in what was going to be a preview of the Junior A Final. Offaly came into today’s match unbeaten and intended to keep it that way, while Father Tom’s were looking to get retribution for their previous match where they failed to secure a victory.

The match started off slowly, with the Tom’s initially struggling to get going. Offaly had struggles of their own as they had a number of shots go wide. It would be Offaly who would open the scoring with a point from midfielder Chris McMahon. Tom’s would respond with two quick points from Frank Dowd and Niall Gleeson. Offaly would then go on a points run and build a lead of 3 points and looked to be flowing and having one up on the Tom’s. A well placed goal from Niall Gleeson however would give the Tom’s hope, as the goal and the following point would put them in the lead once again, Offaly would reply in kind though as Chris McMahon once again would step up for the Offaly men and score a goal and a point before the end of a slow paced half where Offaly would lead 1-7 to 1-4

Offaly would continue the 2nd half and add to their tally with points from Jimmy Rigney and Gary Sherlock. Tom’s would not lay down though as they retaliated with a well worked goal as Chris Donaghue would make a pass to Niall Glesson who made a good run into the Offaly defence and slotted it past the keeper. Donaghue then fielded the subsequent puckout and passed to Conor O’Kane who scored another point. Both teams would go back and forth, Tom’s looking to further close the gap, and Offaly looking to maintain their lead. It would be Offaly who would set the game to bed though as Sean Kinsella would score a goal from a free from outside the square, which was well placed in the lower left, just out of reach of Tom’s keeper Fran Keenan. Tom’s would try and work on their deficit with multiple scores, including a good side line cut for a point from Conor O’Kane, and a goal from outside the square from Niall Gleeson. But Offaly would seal the victory with a goal from Sean Kinsella once again, who hit the rebound off a great save from Tom’s keeper Fran Keenan, to win the game 3-17 to 3-8.
With this win, Offaly finish top of the table and the league undefeated. Father Tom’s have one more match to play against Galway next weekend to work on their form and to fine tune before facing the undefeated Offaly once again in the Junior A Hurling Final

Father Tom’s: Fran Keenan, Peter Boylan, Paddy Critchley, Seamie Higgins, Ryan Maher, Ciaran Mulhall, Conor O’Kane, Colm Kearns, Frank Dowd, Chris Donaghue, Niall Gleeson, Conor Eddery, Terry Doran

Offaly: Noel Graham, Michael Markham, Simon Sinnot, Jimmy Rigney, Brian Murray, Jack Lynch, Emmet Moran, Chris McMahon, Gary Sherlock, CIan Clifford, Sean Kinsella, Oisin McCormack, Killian Cambell

Portland vs Hartford - Junior C Hurling Championship (July 28th)

Hartford and Portland met on a muggy Sunday morning to compete in the Junior C hurling championship. Portland were in the hunt for their first win of the season, while Hartford were looking to get their 3rd win of the season. 

Portland started the game strong and scored a number of points without reply before Hartford got onto the scoresheet. But before they could build some momentum, Portland would score 2 quick goals to widen the gap. Hartford had moments of brilliance as I.Fischer made a great run from his own half to score a goal, and B.Park would get a goal from the 45 yard line to give their team hope. However, Portland drove on and continued to add to their tally to win comfortably for their first win of the season. By Evan McDonagh

Sun Jul 28 - Men's Senior Football: Connemara Gaels v Donegal

In what is a preview of the Senior Championship Semi Final, Connemara Gaels met Donegal once again in the Senior Football Championship. In their last meeting, the Gaels were the victors, with a 3-12 to 1-16 victory. 

Donegal would open the scoring with two points from Ciaran Murtagh and a Mark Bradley free before Padraig McAnenly would get the Gaels on the board. Ciaran Murtagh would have a goal chance go off the post, however, Barry John Keane would soon after get the first goal of the match after a great pass from midfield to leave him one on one with Gaels Keeper Eoin Connolly, who was performing double duties on the day, having earlier in the day played in the Junior A match. Donegal seemed to be commanding the game early on, which was further seen as both teams were playing deep in the Donegal Half, allowing Donegal to score off the breaks. It would be the 17th minute before the Gaels would register their 2nd point as Keelan Sexton would send a well worked point over the bar. Donegal responded right away with a point from Cian Clinton, before the Gaels scored 3 unanswered points from Niall Kelly, Paudraig McAnenly and Adam Fallen. The teams would then go score for score to end the half, with Donegal in the lead 1-6 to 0-7.

The Gaels started the second half strongly to bring the game level with points from Sexton and McAnenly. They would then have a bit of bad luck, as Paddy McGee’s shot on goal would be denied by the blackspot to deny them the lead. It wouldn’t be long though before they finally took the lead, when Sean Connelly would score a point to take the lead. Donegal wouldn’t stay away though, as they responded with scores of their own from Mark Bradley and Shane Carthy to once again take the lead. It would be the Clare County player who would once again tie up the game as Keelan Sexton would score the Gaels first goal of the game. They continued to press on goal with a number of points and the momentum was clearly in the Gaels favor, as they would outscore Donegal 7 points to 2. Both teams would have a number of goal chances, the Gaels who had a number of well played balls go just wide, and Donegal who wold be denied by the Naomh Anna Leitir Mor keeper Eoin Connolly who once again was a force to be reckoned with. It would be the Connemara Gaels who would once again be the victors with a 1-17 to 1-11 win.

With this victory, both teams place in the standings remain. However with a victory next weekend against the unbeaten Aidan McAnespies, the Gaels could potentially take first place. Donegal will surely regroup and work on their failings in todays matchup, and surely will be a strong force to be reckoned with come finals.

Donegal: Hugh Boyle, Aaron Deeney, Aidan Sullivan, Neil McEneany, Jason Noctor, Sean Doherty, Cian Clinton, Shane Carthy, Jack O’Brien, Mark Bradley, Ciaran Murtagh, Gary Walsh, Barry John
Connemara Gaels: Eoin Connolly, Niall Kelly, Adam Fallen, Nial Collins, Colm Shaughnessy, Cian Murphy, Nathan Donnelly, Ray Caffery, Nathan O’Neil, Sean Connelly, Paddy McGee, Keelan Sexton, Padraig McAnenely

Written By: Evan McDonagh

Sun Jul 28 - Senior Hurling: Galway v Tipperary

In what was ramped up to be a highly intensive match, Tipperary and Galway once again met in the Senior Hurling Championship. Tipperary came into this matchup in need of a victory to have a chance to make it to the Senior Hurling final. The teams were tied with a win each in their previous encounters over the season.

The match started out with a lot of back and forth early on in the game. It was Galway who would begin to build a lead though as points from Walsh and Burke would give Galway the lead. The game would slow down for a bit after this period as both teams were feeling each other out and sending the ball between the defensive lines. It would be James Sweeney who would even the game up for Tipperary with a great goal, and it was soon followed up by another goal from Conor Martin who got his side their first lead of the game. Both sides would go on after this point to have a number of wides, however, Galway would be that bit more accurate during this period and would score a number of points to leave the game level at half time with a score line of 2-7 to 0-13.

Tipperary’s Donal Burke would start the scoring for the second half with a point. However, Galway would reply quickly as John Moylan would score a goal off the rebound off Niall Walsh’s initial shot, which was saved by the Tipperary keeper. Tipperary would stay alive though, as Paddy Fitzgerald was pulled down in the square, and a penalty was awarded, which Donal Burke would take and score. Both teams would go back and foirth with points, and Tipperary would have a number of chances saved by the Galway Defence, one where the Galway keeper was caught off the line, and Aidan O’Sullivan would save the day with a great body stop, and another save from keeper John Coleman to keep them in the Game. Galway would go on to score a number of frees to give them the lead in which got them the victory with a scoreline of 1-23 to 3-15.

With this victory, Galway sealed their spot and Father Tom’s spot in the finals, and the teams meet each other next week for the final league game of the championship in a preview of the finals. Tipperary will be distraught with the loss, but will surely be back next year and be a force to be reckoned with as always

Galway : John Coleman, Aiden O’Sullivan, Mark Bermingham, Criobheann Bergin, Brian Kennedy, Ronan Burke, Danny Burke, Darragh Lawlor, Andrew Casey, Adam Kenny, Lorcan McGloughlan, John Moylan, Niall Walsh

Tipperary : Daragh Perry, Sean McGarr, John Hamilton, Darren O’Donovan, Cronan Dempsey, Kyle FIrman, Colin Currey, Greg Hilimi, Paddy Fitzgearld, Darragh Mooney, Donal Burke, James Sweeney, Conor Martin

Written By: Evan McDonagh

Sun July 28: Ladies Senior Football: Connacht Ladies v Boston Shamrocks

In what could be a championship decider, Connaught Ladies and Boston Shamrocks met up once again in the Ladies Senior Championship. After the last matchup where the Shamrocks came out of nowhere with a dominant win, they were looking to build on the victory and bring the series to a tie.

It would be the Shamrocks who would start the match strong, with a number of points from Sarah Jane McDonnell, Aisleen Cunningham, Maria Watson, and Paula Doran, to go 0-4 to 0-0 ahead. The Shamrocks would have a near goal chance to extend the lead, only for a good save from keeper Rachel O’Driscoll. They would maintain their strong start in the defensive end as well as the Connaught Ladies weren’t able to make it past the Shamrocks 22, and any ball kicked in was cleaned up by Shannon Kelly. 

It would be 14 minutes before Ciara Forde would score Connaughts first point of the match. They would nearly get a goal to help close the deficit only for a bit of bad luck for Connaught as the ball hit the crossbar and the rebound would be kicked wide. It looked as if Connaughts troubles were building as the lost a player due to them striking another player across the chest. However, they would make a comeback from 4 down to get in the lead with points from Aoife Heffernon and a goal for Emma Hegarty.  They nearly scored another goal as they increased the intensity when Jackie McDonagh would shoot low across the face of the goal, beating the Shamrocks keeper, however, the shot went just wide. The Shamrocks would score two points and Connaught one to end the half where it was all tied up at Shamrocks 0-6, Connaught 1-3.

The second half would start off slowly, with both teams once again scoping out the opposition, However, the intensity would once again change, as two quick goals from Sarah Jane McDonald would give the Shamrocks a 6 point lead. Connaught retaliated with two goals of their own to tie it up once again. This would be the last time the teams would be close, as Connaught would start to build their lead with a number of points from Emma Hegartym Sinead McGovern, and Jane Ward to lead them on to a surefire victory with a final score of 3-10 to 2-8.

With this victory Connaught Ladies would be named the 2019 Boston Senior Women's Championship after a well-played championship. The Shamrocks didn’t go down quietly, and surely will be back for blood and the cup in the 2020 championship.

Connaught Ladies: Rachel O’Driscoll, Stephanie Gunn, Shauna Hynes, Stacey Gallagher, Catherine Boyle, Jane Ward, Dearbhlia McGonvern, Emma McGovern, Aoife Heffernon, Ciara Forde, Emma Hegarty, Aisling Kerr, Jackie McDonagh, Michaela McGuigan, Sinead McGovern

Boston Shamrocks: Anne Marie McDonnell, Oonagh Shiels, Cathy McEleney, Shannon Kelly, Doireann Peelo, Katie O’Donnell, Anna Bolger, Aisleen Cunningham, Eadoin Connolly, Paula Doran, Rebecca Mills, Maria Watson, Shannan Costello, Sarah Jane McDonald, Laura Kiernan

Written By: Evan McDonagh

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sun Jul 21 - Senior Hurling: Tipperary v Fr. Tom Burke's

For the 3rd time this season, Father Tom Burkes and Tipperary met once again on a scorcher of a day for their rubber match. Both teams had faced each other twice already this year, and both have recorded a win over each other already this season. With the Senior Hurling Championship all tied up with all teams on 2 wins each, and no love loss between the two teams, this was lining up to be a cracker of a match.
The scoring was started by Matt Kenny for the Toms, who won the puck out from the Tipperary keeper, and sent it right back over the bar for the first score of the match. It didn’t take long for the tempers to flare like the temperature on the day as an altercation occurred between Ali Dooey of Tom’s and Sean McGarr for Tipperary, which saw both men end the fracas without their helmets. The referee took control of the situation, and warned both players with yellow cards for their trouble. Conor Martin would take the free, who passed it towards James Sweeney who controlled the sliotar and slotted it over the bar. The intensity of the game continued to rage on as there was a lot of hard hits and small off the ball incidents to build the intensity of the game. It would be Tipperary who would get the first blood in terms of a goal when Donal Burke would punish the Tom’s defensive error as he controlled a bad clearance and caught the Tom’s keeper off his line to score a goal. The Tom’s would respond with a converted free from Dooey who brought the team back within a goal’s difference. Conor Whelan for the Tom’s and Colin Currie for Tipperary would go on to score points for each of their sides to keep the game close, However, it would be Father Tom’s who would start to grow their lead, When Jack Coyne, Ali Dooey, and Conor Whelan would all score points to level the game at 0-6 to 1-3.
The intensity of the match could still be seen as Tom’s Sean Downey hit a crunching tackle on Tipperary’s Darragh Mooney, and got a yellow card for his troubles. It would be the Tom’s who would break the deadlock as a series of good passes from Vincent Doyle to Ali Dooey to Conor Whelan would lead to a goal, when the All Ireland winner slotted a cracker of a goal it into the net from outside the square. Whelan quickly had another chance to score a goal but his shot was saved by the Tipperary keeper Dara Perry and put out for a Toms 65, which was taken by Dooey who slotted it over the bar for his 3rd score of the day. Tom’s would increase their lead when Jack Coye would score another goal to give Father Tom’s a 6 point lead. The heat and pressure got to the teams as tempers again boiled over. Father Tom’s conceded a free, and  Colin Currie was setting up to take the free when a scuffle occurred with multiple players in Midfield. After everything was calmed down, Cronan Dempsey and Vincent Doyle were cautioned by the referee for their involvement. Whelan passed sideline cut to Doyle who passed it back to Whelan who scored a point. The half would end with multiple points from both teams as the half ended with a score of Father Tom’s 2-10 to 1-7. 
A win for Tom's put them top of the Senior Hurling table.
The 2nd Half began with multiple points from both sides as Tipperary’s Paddy Fitzgerald, and Father Tom’s Ali Dooey slotted over frees for their sides. The aggression of the game continued to be seen as  Paul Morris got himself into a spot of bother after an off the ball incident with Sean Downey. After the referee consulted with the umpires, he showed the Tipperary player red to end his day on the field. 
Both sides would go on to have a number of wides, before Whelan intercepted a Tipperary free and sent over the bar to increase the Tom’s lead.The Tom’s would go on to score a number of unanswered points from Dooey and Whelan before a set play lead to a clinching goal for the Tom’s as a free for Tom’s in their own half was taken by Matt Kenny, who passed it to Whelan, and while being fouled, passed the ball under pressure to Dooey who scored a goal to add to his ever growing tally. They would follow up with a great point from Tom’s half back Eamon Egan, who scored from distance. 
Tipperary would have a number of heated instances as the match went on as they attempted to stem the flow of points, as Colin Currie would be disciplined with a yellow card due to a high tackle on Toms keeper,  and Tipperary’s Simon Kennedy would see the same fate as he pulled a heavy challenge on Vincent Doyle. 
Colin Currie would attempt to get Tipperary back in the game with an attempted free from the 21, however the shot was saved by the Tom’s Defence, and while Tipperary would eventually get the 2nd goal they were looking for from Conor Martin, it wouldn’t be enough as Father Tom’s would go on to win 3-19 to 1-12.
With this victory. Father Tom’s have taken one step into the Senior Hurling Championship final, while Tipperary look for a victory to keep their ambitions alive as they face Galway next weekend.
Father Tom’s - Kevin Flynn, Ian O’Shea, Damian O’Loughlin, Matt Kenny, Eamon Egan, Brian Flynn, Jack Coyne, Paul Cannon, Aaron Moore, Vincent Doyle, Sean Downey, Conor Whealan, Ali Dooey.
Tipperary - Dara Perry, Sean McGarr, John Hamilton, Paul Morris, Conor Martin, Kyle Firman, Cronan Dempsey, Craig Hilmi, Paddy Fitzgerald, Donal Burke, Colin Currie, James Sweeney, Daragh Mooney

By Evan McDonagh

Sun Jul 21 - Senior Football: Wolfe Tones v Aidan McAnespies

Aidan McAnespies came into Sunday’s match-up unbeaten and looked to keep that unbeaten run going. While on the other side of the field was the Wolfetones, who had only recorded one victory so far in this year's championship. If they managed to break McAnespies unbeaten streak, then they’d almost guarantee a spot in the semi-finals.
Wolfe Tones were on the short end again v McAnespies
The Wolfetones started the match strongly with a number of frees from Joey Wallace to bring them into a 3 point lead, before a set play from Robbie Smyth to Barry Kerr lead to McAnespies getting their first score of the match. A good run from Down and Carryduff player Daniel Guinness, who was assisted with a 1-2 play from Dr Crokes’ Tony Brosnan, broke through the Wolfetones defence, before passing on to Kerr, who slotted it over the bar from a tight angle. Brosnan would go on to score the following point to level out the match at 3 points a-piece. The Wolfetones would go on to have a number of shots go wide in their attempt to go ahead, however scores from Carroll and Kennedy would bring the Tones into the lead once again off great on field plays.
The lead wouldn’t be long lived though, as Steven O’Hanlon would get the first goal of the game as he palmed the ball into the net after a series of passes past the Tones defence.

O’Hanlon would quickly score another goal to extend their lead, after an error from the Tones shot stopper. Both teams day got a bit more difficult after both Michael O’Brien and Peter O’Connell were sent off due to an off the ball incident where they were headbutting. The Wolfetones started to claw back at the deficit, with points from Darragh Kennedy, and Joey Wallace, and would have extended it even further were it not for McAnespies keeper Robbie Croft who punched the shot wide, and saved the subsequent 45, to end the half Aidan McAnespies 2-6 to 0-8
The 2nd half began with back and forth scores,with both teams getting 2 points each early on. McAnespies would begin once again however to outscore the Tones, and a goal from Barry , would Kerr, who had made a great run and 1-2 play into the square to kick the ball into the net. The Wolfetones would have a chance to cut the 9 point deficit when a penalty was conceded by Steven O’Hanlon, who received a yellow card for a pulldown in the square.  Joey Wallace stood up to take it, and sent Croft the wrong way to score in the lower right corner. With a 6 point deficit, and potential Momentum, the Tones tried to press on and chip away at the deficit, however, McAnespies regained control when passes from Higgins to O’Hanlon into Brosnan led to the Macs extending their lead by 9 once again to close out the game. A consolation goal would be scored by Chris Sallier, but the McAnespies would go on to win 4-15 to 2-13.
McAnespies continue to show their strong dominant force, and have laid the marker as the team to beat as they remained undefeated and top of the table. Wolfetones didn’t go down without a fight, and it will be a dogfight next week when they meet Galway who need to win to to take the championship into knockout scenarios where the fourth placed team more than likely have a semi-final against today’s winners.
Aidan McAnespies: Robbie Croft, Conor Mansell, Pierce Laferty, Daniel Guinness, Oisin McConvey, Anthony Cournane, Declan Hughes, Barry Kerr, Peter O’Connell, Evan Cronin, Steven O’Hanlon, Robbie Smyth, Tony Brosnan
Wolftones: Shane Hayes, Paudie Keneally, Emmet Maloney, Sean Egan, Jack Lynch, Darragh Kennedy, Paschal Connell, Jack Kennedy, Michael O’Brien, Jerry Troy, Benny Carroll, Joey Wallace, Chris Sallier

By Evan McDonagh

Sun Jul 21 - Senior Football: Galway v Donegal

On a sweltering day in Canton, Donegal met Galway in the Boston Senior Football championship. Galway were in desperate need of a first win as they looked to gather their first win of the season, while Donegal were looking to lock in their place in the playoffs with a victory of their own.
Galway did not have the Rub of the Green 
on Sunday versus Donegal.
Early on in this encounter, there was a lot of back and forth between the teams without a score while the teams got the measure of each other. Galway broke the deadlock with a point from Kevin Cummins and went on to extend the lead with a goal from Sean Carrabine, who took advantage of a misplaced kick out from the Donegal keeper to give the Galway side a strong start. Donegal wouldn’t be held scoreless for long though as a goal from Gary Walsh for Donegal would open their scoring account. Sean Carrabine for Galway extended the gap to 2 points with a point from play, before a great run and a misplaced kick out from the Galway keeper would allow Donegal’s Mark Bradley to score two points and give Donegal the lead for the first time in the match. 
In a match that had started out slow was now developing into a great back and forth encounter, as both sides would keep neck and neck with points from Mark Bradley and St Vincents Man, Shane Carthy, for Donegal and Bannigan and Carrabine for Galway. It would be Donegal though who would take the lead before half time when Kerry’s Barry John Keane took on Evan Wynne, and passed it across to Ray Connelan who palmed it into the net. Galway would have a chance of another goal of their own as Stuart Cullen was denied by Hugh Boyle with a great save of a 1 on 1 shot. Galway’s Bannigan and Carribine, and Donegal’s Ciaran Murtagh would go on to score the final points of the half, which ended with a score of Donegal 2-6 Galway 1-6.
2nd Half

Donegal started the 2nd half strongly as Ray Connelan won the throw in, and ran it down the field where he passed it to Gary Walsh, who was fouled and got a free, that he subsequently scored. Galway would respond in kind with great points from MIchael Bannigan and Jamie Walsh.  Galway looked to be making a bit of a comeback, however, they conceded a penalty when a defender mistimed a shoulder in the square. Gary Walsh stepped up to take it, and slotted it past the Galway goalkeeper to give the side a 5 point deficit. Galway would have a number of points from Carrabine and Bannigan, have a goal attempt stopped on the line by the Donegal defence, and have a penalty saved by Boyle to keep Galway on the wrong side of the scoring.

Galway’s woes would continue as Cian Hanley heavily tackled Cian Murtagh to concede another penalty. Gary Walsh once again stepped up to take the penalty, and slotted the shot into the lower right corner, sending the keeper the wrong way. Galway would go back and score another point from Bannigan, however Donegal worked the ball out from the goal kick from Boyle, which was caught by Doherty, who ran it up and passed it off to Walsh who slotted the ball into the back of the net for his hat trick. Donegal would go on to win the game 5-10 to 1-14.

While Donegal went on to win the match by 8 points, the match could have been closer had Galway had a bit of luck on the day. They now go onto their next match against the Wolfe Tones, and should the match go in their favor, could still have a chance to make it into the semi finals. Donegal now have 3 wins in 5 matches to lock in their 3rd place spot and to guarantee themselves a playoff spot.

Donegal: Hugh Boyle, Aaron Deeney, Aidan Sullivan, John Bingham, Jason Noctor, Neil McEneany, Ray Connelan, Shane Carthy, Jack O’Brien, Mark Bradley, Ciaran Murtagh, Gary Walsh, Barry John Keane
Galway: Jamie Kelly, Mark Mannion, Evan Wynne, Stuart Cullen, Danny Burke, Sean Melville, Cian Hanley, Jamie Walshe, Sean Carrabine, Adam Gallagher, Shairoze Akram, Kevin Cummins, Michael Bannigan

By Evan McDonagh