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Sun Jul 28 - Junior A Football: Connemara Gaels v Wolfe Tones

Wolfetones went in to today's matchup looking for a victory to keep their Championship ambitions alive. The Gaels on the other hand were on the other side of the coin, looking for a win to gather a victory to end their season with.

There was a slow start to the game, with a number of wides from both sides. Cormac Joyce Power for the Wolfetones broke the deadlock in the 6th minute, scoring a free off the ground. The Gaels would get a point of their own off Tom McDonnell, and a great save by Eoin Connolly of Naomh Anna Leitir Mor, kept them in the game as he deflected a 1 on 1 shot over the bar. Connolly would made another great save against Lambe once again , as he got low to block the shot out for a 45. Joyce stood to take the free, and sent it over the post to extend their lead. This would be a continuing theme in the match as the Gaels keeper would save two more shots in the half. While they weren’t having much luck in terms of goals, they were racking up the points, and setting the tone for the match. The Gaels would keep their hopes alive though as full back Chris Lafferty scored a goal after a good run and flow of play. By the Tones would be in the lead at half time 0-9 to 1-2

At the start of the 2nd half, The Tones started strong with a good goal off rebound from Kevin O’Brien to finally beat Connolly. Dean Cahill would respond with a beautiful point to try and keep their chances alive. An unfortunate own goal would add to their difficulties, as a Gaels defender tried to clear the fisted ball from the line, palmed it into the side of the net. The Gaels would have a number of wides as they tried to crawl back into contention. The Gaels would get 2 quick goals from Dean Cahill, who made a great run and powered it past the keeper, and Paddy McGee. The Tones would retaliate with goals of their own as Shane O’Brien would score two goals, one kicked in off a Connolly save, to seal the victory for the Tones with a scoreline of 4-15 to 4-6.

With this loss, the Gaels would end their Junior A season without a victory, while the Tones will go on to a matchup against McAnespies to try and salvage a spot in the finals

Wolftones : Patrick Gallagher, Keith Gill, Oisin McCormac, Steven Sullivan, Patrick Collins, Kevin O’Brien, Ian Whelan, Barry McShea, Shane O’Brien, Cormac Joyce Power, Marty Farrell, Dan McCabe, Ryan Lambe

Connemara Gaels : Eoin Connolly, Chris Lafferty, Mike Coyne, Kevin Walsh, Pat Mcnicholas, Colman Conroy, Sal D’Amico, Dean Cahill, Donal Reaney, Tom McDonnell, Paddy McGee, John Cromry, Kieran Lowe

Written By: Evan McDonagh
Portland vs Cork - Junior B Championship (July 28th)

Cork travelled up to Portland to face each other in their last game of the season. Both teams were on different sides of the spectrum with one looking to lock their place in the semi-finals in place, while the other was looking to build further on their brave entry into a competitive division as amateurs to the game. 

Portland played with heart and conviction, and compared to their first game, where they managed 1-1, showed vast signs of improvement in terms of field play and accuracy as they scored 1-6 in this match. Experience would be in Corks favor however, and they would go on to win the match.

Portland will have learned a lot from being thrown in the deep end, and for sure, they will be developing in the fall and spring to come into next year’s championship with new vigor.

Written By: Evan McDonagh

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