Monday, July 25, 2016

Senior Football Championship: Wolfe Tones v Christopher's

Christopher’s 0-10  Wolfe Tones 1-12

Sunday’s final game of the day saw Wolfe Tones took both points in a game that would not be described as a spectacular, and had their opponents taken their chances the result would certainly have been in doubt.  Both teams labored at times and scores were at a premium.  It was the Tones to had the resources to see the game through to the end, bringing in some quality players from the line in the second half.

Shea Tennyson and Robbie Vallejo had a good tussle Sunday.
In fairness both teams were guilty of a plethora of missed opportunities in the first half, and if one of them had managed to take better advantage they would have enjoyed a healthy advantage at the break.  The middle part of the half saw the Tones score six unanswered points and could have blown the game open.  Christopher’s were struggling and while the Tones had plenty of chances, there were several wayward shots from well within scoring range.  Shea Tennyson at corner forward accounted for three points, while the balance was made up by Thomas O’Connor, Paddy Keenan, and Mike O’Brien.

Christopher’s played well all through the period, however, like their counterparts, scoring was not their strong point.  After Ruairi Lavelle opened their account with a long range free, and Niall Hughes added a second, Christophher’s went through a long barren spell.  With the Tones pulling further away, Andrew Murphy stemmed the tide with a foray forward from wing back and a point, and Paudie Allen and Mark Ellis made it five points for Christopher’s, to seven for the Tones, at the break.

The Tones had the step on their opponents all afternoon.
Tones opened the second half with three points on the trot.  Kildare men O’Connor and Mark Hyland, as well as Sean Driscoll made it double scores, five points to ten, and again Christopher’s needed an injection of something to give them a boost.  Danny Neville, who did not start as he was nursing a knee injury, came into the game as did Paudie Kenneally.   

Christopher’s though, couldn’t seem to raise it a level, although Robbie Vallejo did Trojan work at corner back and hampered several Tones forays forward.  Slowing the Tones down, however, was not going to be enough unless the forward line kicked into action.
Neville pointed a free to make it six points to ten, but it was cancelled out by a Leighton Glynn point, the Wicklow man had entered the fray as a sub.  Christopher’s continued to spurn opportunities to close the gap but made a late run and points from Andrew Murphy and Niall Hughes narrowed the gap to a goal with 5 minutes left to play.  

Could Christopher’s muster the energy for a grandstand finish?  Not so however, as with Christopher’s pushing up the field the Tones struck the killer blow with a Tennyson goal following a defence opening move.   Two hand passess opened up the defence and the corner forward just had the keeper to beat.  The sides traded points to finish the game, and with little time Christopher’s hopes ended.  The Tones still unbeaten add another 2 points to looking good for an automatic semi-final place.

Christopher’s:  R. Lavelle, D. Kelliher, R. Vallejo, J. Horgan, A. Murphy, P. Allen, S. Byrne, M. Ellis, N. Hughes, C. O’Brien, J. Murphy, K. Hodgins, C. Collins.  Tones:  L. Molloy, M. O’Grady, R. Driscoll, M. Hyland, K. O’Brien, D. Maguire, P. Keenan, I. Whelan, M. O’Brien, C. Walsh, G. Troy, T. O’Connor, S. Tennyson.

By Rory O'Donnell

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