Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let the kids play! Trinity Gaelic Athletic Club

This week I brought my 2 boys to gaelic football practice. I’ve played Gaelic games for 30 odd years or more, and now, with 3 kids I would like for them to get the same enjoyment from gaelic football and hurling that I have. I was delighted to hear that a youth Gaelic Athletic Club is being formed in the area. I brought the boys down for their first gaelic football practice of their lives. Nessan (6) and Keenan (4) had lots of fun and I was delighted to see them learning the skills of the game. Coached by Nobby Walsh and Chris O’Connor, the gathering of a small group of kids is the start of what will hopefully be a growing and flourishing club. (Drop me an email to find out more -
Kerry v Dublin. Declan Walsh (4) and Keenan O'Donnell (4) learn the art of the kick pass while wearing the colours of their parents counties.
Bursting through!. Something inherently natural about those Kerry footballers.....
Tackle him!
Throw in.

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