Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donegal v Wolfe Tones

Wolfe Tones 0-7 Donegal 0-4

Donegal and Wolfe Tones played a tough, hard game Sunday afternoon and few will argue that the Tones came out worthy winners. With plenty of big men around the middle, and Down men Marty Farrell and Dan McCabe in the corner forward positions to provide the finishing touches, the Tones wore down their opponents.

Donegal's Paddy Kelly and Ken Regan of the Wolfe Tones
The Tones shot into a four point lead with Donegal scoreless until the half was 15 minutes old. Dan McCabe caused havoc and opened with two trademark points turning onto his right boot. After Marty Farrell pointed a free, McCabe struck again and Donegal management had seen enough. John O’Brien was given the duties of marking McCabe, and while McCabe was quieter, O’Brien’s effectiveness as an attacking wing back was neutralized. Donegal did fare better however. Christy McLoughlin and Danny McBride each pointed to make it a four points to two half time score.

After the Tones extended their lead to three points early in the second half, Donegal drew within a point through scored from Michael McGinty and Eamonn McCarney. With the sides trying to find the opening that would decide the game, it was the Tones who had the outlet in the end. McCabe and Farrell each pointed to put a goal in it. A goal would level it for Donegal and it came at the death but was disallowed as referee Tadhg Lucey saw a square ball. Eamonn McCarney put a high ball in and Paddy Kelly fisted in over keeper Dean Bourke, but Donegal delight soon turned into anger as much to their chagrin the goal did not stand.

The Tones advance to face the Connemara Gaels on April 30. Both teams have some impressive players and with both teams likely to have made some additions before the deadline it is hard to declare a favourite, but given the performances so far we should be in for a good game when the teams meet two weeks from now.

Tones: D. Bourke, D. Maguire, A. Rooney, C. Malone, K. Regan, M. O’Brien, J. Kavanagh, G. Brilly, S. Kelly, C. Power, D. Bonfil, D. McCabe, M. Farrell. Donegal: L. Mailey, H. Devine, P. McLoughlin, R. Ivors, E. Doonan, J. O’Brien, P. McLoughlin, M. McGinty, D. McBride, K. Curran, E. McCarney, C. McLoughlin, P. Kelly.

By Rory O'Donnell

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