Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pat O'Brien Cup -Cork 3-14 New England Celtics 0-8

Cork 3-14 New England Celtics 0-8

The New England Celtics
Cork advanced to the next round of the O’Brien Cup with plenty to spare over the Celtics. The Celtics kept in touch for the first half, but in the second the Rebels netted three times as it was one way traffic.

Liam Fleming opened the scoring with a point right from the throw in. Cork proceeded to squander three goal chances. The first was a penalty chance that Mike Moynihan put the wrong side of the keeper’s right post. John Crowley and Andrew Boyle then had chances from play that were effectively blocked by Mark Molloy between the posts for the Celtics. David Hughes leveled for Cork, Hughes proved to be an asset in the Cork midfield and found himself frequently on the ball. Mike Moynihan was on form in corner forward for Cork and the rebels hit him with some good ball to run on to. The Celtics kept in touch with their opponents however. Paudie Kenneally put some well taken points over the bar for the American-born outfit, while Moynihan was the outlet for the last four Cork points. At the half it was six points to five for Cork.

Cork had a good first outing on Sunday
Cork swept away their opponents in the second half. This time the goals came, John Crowley put the first away early in the half and with points added from Boyle, David Hughes, and the flying Mike Moynihan the Celtics saw the game slip away. John Curtin added a second goal for the Corkman, and Moynihan a deserved third. Cork will face a sterner test next week when they face Armagh-Notre Dame in the quarter final.

Cork: L. Barden, J. Regan, J. Leonard, C. Power, C. Caffrey, J. Caffrey, D. Hughes, S. Caulfield, J. Crowley, A. Boyle, D. Neylon, M. Cahalane, M. Moynihan. NE Celtics: M. Molloy, R. Graber, C. Walsh, P. Kerrigan, K. Fleming, M. Peterson, D. Kenneally, J. Kenneally, P. Kenneally, L. Fleming, M. Rushton, W. Fleming, R. Kenneally.

By Rory O'Donnell

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