Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Junior C Hurling Hits the North East

Barley House Wolves (Concord, NH) 5-7 Portland (ME) 2-5

Rather than seeing the end of the world as was predicted, Saturday May 21 was a historic date in the annals of the Boston North East GAA. The first Junior C Hurling match took place in Concord, New Hampshire. It was a great occasion with great volunteerism from people stepping in to help with officiating and taking pictures. The game was played in a sporting manner. Concord dominated the first half and at the break led by a score of 2-4 to no score for the visitors. The second period saw Portland come storming back to get within a few scores of their opponents, but a late goal from Concord sealed the victory. Mike Moynihan refereed the game, and a lot of credit goes to Ray Valas and Alan McGrath, amongst others, in the birth and growth of newest hurling clubs in the region. A reception was held at the Barley House Wolf Tavern across from the Capitol building in Concord. Both clubs, along with the Worcester Hurling Club, have plans to travel to San Francisco to compete in the NACB Finals on Labor Day weekend.

Barley House Wolves: Denny Trainor, Ryan Brown, Sean McCarthy, Matt Polamina, Rory O’Mahoney, Eddy Clements, Dan Hanna, Mikhael Gregoire, Darragh Madden, Lore Ford, Ray Valas, Derek Reese, Will Mullen.

Portland: JJ Twohig, Lance Myrich, Larry Maher, Chris Fleming, Tim Schinder, Chad Nelson, Terence Leahy, Aidan O’Brien, Charles Schilinder, Joe Flaherty, Damien Bolger, Mark Rollins, Joel Wizowic.


Anonymous said...

An exciting start to Junior C hurling!

Rory said...

Great to see new clubs in the region.