Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sam Maguire Coming to Boston

Sam Maguire to Tour Boston

Dublin Captain Bryan Cullen and Sam Maguire
 will be in Boston the second weekend in November.

The Sam Maguire Cup will be coming to Boston as part of a whirlwind tour of the North East from November 11 – 14. The Friends of Dublin GAA will host Pat Gilroy, Brian Cullen, along with other team members at events in the city. The Cup first travels to New York for a night and will then come to Boston for a couple of nights. This is a great opportunity to see the cup first hand and a chance to meet some of the heroes who delivered the first All-Ireland to Dublin in 16 years. For more information please contact Rory O’Donnell at (781) 738-2783 or Sean McCormack at (617) 840-2983, or email or

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