Monday, August 5, 2019

Sat Aug 3 - Junior B Hurling Semi Final: NH Wolves v Sean Og's

New Hampshire Wolves 1-16 Sean Og’s 0-8

It was a match between the old hands and the young guns to decide who would meet Worcester in the Junior B final in two weeks time.  At the end of the day it was the New Hampshire Wolves who came out on top after a hard fought encounter.  Much of the difference was down to the accuracy of the New Hampshire men who took their chances while the Sean Og’s saw several good scoring chances go wide of the posts.  The Wolves were beaten finalists in last year’s North American Junior B Final, will have to overcome Worcester to have the chance to try and go one better in Leesburg, VA the last weekend of August.

Eoin Morissey tries to find some room for Sean Og's.
The Wolves held a four point edge at the end of the first half. Sean Naughton accounted for 5 of the 7 points tallied in the opening 30 minutes, three frees and two from play.  Corner forward, Chris Rougeout, and Tanner Starmer at wing forward accounted for the balance.  Sean Og’s managed three points, Jack Martyn accounted for the opener, and was followed by Eoin Morissey with a fine score, and John Doherty.  The game was fairly even on the balance of play, and the four point difference would have been much narrower had the youngsters taken their chances.

The second half saw the Wolves open up their lead with a five points to two run.  Mikael Gregoire entered the fray at corner forward and was impactful.  Gregoire pointed and caused general mayhem in the Sean Og’s back line.  Again, Sean Og’s were their own worst enemies when it came to taking the scoring chances.  Eoin Morrissey put a huge point over the bar, and Kieran O’Driscoll another but the Wolves’ Naughton and Durfee pointed, one from Naughton a fine effort.  With Aidan Joyce playing very well in goals, Sean Og’s were hanging in, a goal from them would open the door.

John Doherty makes it uncomfortable for Chris Rougeaut.
It was the New Hampshire side who got the goal.  The game killing score came after Gregoire was bundled over the penalty area.  Joyce saved the initial shot from Sam Durfee, but the rebound was put into the back of the net by the penalty taker and the gap was now too large to overcome without a couple of quick goals for the youngsters.  Sean Og’s made every effort to find the net, with 10 minutes still to go the Wolves defenders held firm and saw out the game to earn a junior B final place.  For Sean Og’s the season will continue however with a junior C final place where they will meet Hartford in the final in two week’s time.

Wolves:  Steve Desjarlais, Alec Foley, Dan Hanna, Dean Williams, Justin Stasz, Mike Spacone, Sam Durfee, Jay Abramowicz, Mark Misiarski, Sean Naughton, Tanner Starmer, Chris Rougeout, Jason Burpee.
Sean Og’s:  Aidan Joyce, Jack Kelly, Aidan O’Malley, John Doherty, Jack Martyn, Colm O’Malley, Matt Duane, Eoin Morissey, Daniel Murphy, Kieran O’Driscoll, Peter Bannon, Stephen Joyce, Michael Moylan.

By Rory O'Donnell

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