Monday, July 11, 2022

Senior Hurling - Fr. Tom Burke's v Galway

Galway 2-11 Fr. Tom Burke’s 1-18

Tom's Cian Wadding and Galway's Billy Power
vie for possession
Tom’s had to win this game to keep the Senior Hurling Championship alive for at least one more game, they did so with a tiny bit to spare.  Joe Fogerty was a big factor in the game for Tom’s, both from play and from frees as the Tipperary man accounted for 13 of the Tom’s points.  Tom’s established a four point half time lead and in the second period dominated until the final 5 minutes when Galway launched a belated comeback effort.  Tom’s held on to take the win and the teams meet again on Sunday July 24 when Tom’s will be looking to force a fifth and final game.

Toms had the better of matters for most of the first half.  After a scrappy opening the game settled down and the teams started to play some better hurling.  The opening 2 scores for each side came from frees with the first score from play coming from Aaron Dunphy for Tom’s after 10 minutes.   Cian Wadding added another from play for Tom’s, and Fogerty added free as Tom’s opened a lead.  Michael Kiely and Liam Savage kept the scoreboard ticking over for Galway, but it was Tom’s who looked to have more energy and ambition on the day.  At the break it was a 9 points to 5 Tom’s lead.

Tom’s got the second half off to the best possible start with a wonderful goal from Dunphy.  The ball made its way through 4-5 players before Fogerty found the incoming Dunphy who billowed the net with his shot.  The message was sent, Tom’s were tightening their grip on this game.  Tom’s tagged on 4 more points with no reply from Galway and the possibility of the series being extended to at least another game became a probability.  One score was beauty from Fogerty who feigned one way then struck the ball over his shoulder the other.  Tom’s were defending well and Galway hardly had a clear look at the goal until Kiely stemmed the bleeding with a free.

Aaron Dunphy has a shot for Tom's

Billy Power was languishing out on the half forward line and when the Waterford man had the ball in his hand, he was swallowed up by a host of Tom’s defenders.  Tom’s seemed content to try and see out the game at this point and the teams traded scores before Galway mounted a late comeback effort.  Two Tom’s players were yellow carded as efforts to kill the game were deployed.  There might have been a few worried brows on the Tom’s line as Kiely netted for Galway, but Tom’s responded with 2 points on the trot.   Another goal went in for the Tribesmen as the clock hit 30 minutes but it was a little too late for Galway to try and steal a win, and the championship continues.  Next date for these teams is Sunday July 24.

Galway:  John Coleman, Tom Murray, Killian O’Dwyer, Michael Moylan, Daniel Loftus, Gavin Fives, Evan Hunt, Danny Burke, Pat Moylan, Billy Power, Liam Savage, Eoin Morrissey, Michael Kiely.

Tom’s:  Kevin Flynn, Conor Murphy, Mark McCarthy, Jack Martyn, Ceathrach Daly, Niall Murphy, Fergus Byrne, Cian Wadding, Joe Fogerty, Cathal Hardiman, Liam Moore, Aaron Dunphy, Donal Mannion.

By Rory O'Donnell

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