Monday, August 25, 2014

Junior B Football Final: Donegal v Shannon Blues

Shannon Blues 1-11 Donegal 2-5 
Shannon Blues Junior B captain, Simin Sinnott, presented with the cup.
A young Shannon Blues team captured the junior B championship in convincing style on Saturday evening.  Donegal battled to stay in the game, but a last minute goal came a little too late to provide any realistic hope of pulling off a comeback.  The Blues proved to be that bit fitter and stronger and remain unbeaten at this level for the season.  .
A highly competitive first half saw the Blues take the break four points to the good.  Steady free taking from James Young and a Conor Fitzgerald goal half way through the period had the Blues on top.  Donegal tallied a fine goal from Chris Rush after some great work by Jason McDaid and Matt Cutliffe, but the Blues had that little bit more going forward and finished the half with points from Tommy Hernon Young.  At the break it was a 1-7 to 1-3 Blues lead.
Matthew Cutliffe on the attack for Donegal.
The Blues extended the lead to seven points following the restart.  Donegal endeavored to eat into the deficit, but attacks from the northerners frequently met their end within 30 yards of goal.  Barney Friel entered the fray and brought some tenacity to Donegal’s efforts, but even when a shot got off the ball ended wide of the mark. 
The Blues always looked dangerous when on the attack, Cian Moriarty pointed late in the game.  The Blues sat on the lead as the light began to fade, and Donegal searched for a way a route to goal through the defence, but met with dead ends until Chris Rush forced a shot over the line from close range.  Unfortunately for Donegal time was up seconds later and the Blues deservedly earned the title and a crack at the North American next weekend.
Blues:  Gary Henry, Mike Moriarty, Mike Keegan, Pat Moriarty, Simon Sinnott, Damien Sweeney, Maurice Young, Pat Murray, Cian Moriarty, Brendan Driscoll, Conor Fitzgerald, James Feeney, Tommy Hernon.  Donegal:  Chris McLaughlin, Phil McCaffrey, Michael McBride, John Deery, Hugh Devine, Luke Reden, Mark Dunphy, Ciaran McDevitt, Jason McDaid, John Duggan, Ronan Shovlin, Matthew Cutliffe, Chris Rush.

By Rory O'Donnell

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