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Sun June 16 - Senior Hurling: Galway v Tipperary

Galway 3-17 Tipperary 4-22

It was an entertaining affair between old rivals Galway and Tipperary, even with conditions less than ideal.  Referee James Rigney had his work cut out from the start as there were 2 scuffles to sort out before a ball was hardly struck in earnest.  Some warnings and yellow cards restored the focus to the game itself, and in the end the Tipperary machine rolled on with some brilliantly taken scores late in the game, many that looked effortless.  The forward line containing Corkman, James Sweeney, Clareman Patrick Fitzgerald, and Dubliner Colin Currie proved to be a lot to handle for the tribesmen who battled on for the 60 minutes.

There were some nasty tangles early on between 
Galway and Tipp.
The game got off to a fiery start with play having to be stopped and warnings as well as yellow cards issued before the game was 2 minutes old.  Play settled down eventually and both teams played some excellent hurling in the damp conditions.  Galway needed a first half goal from corner forward Thomas Douglas to keep in touch as Tipp set about testing Eanna Murphy between the Galway posts early.  Murphy was up to most shots, but there were a few that he could not get the stick to.  Donal Burke was first to net for Tipp following a pass from James Sweeney, and the wing forward found the net again 10 minutes later for Tipp after finding the room to shoot. 

Sweeney was a tough challenge for the Galway defence as whenever the ball was in the hands of the tall Dubliner things looked dangerous.  Galway had kept themselves well in contention, some lovely points from Tom Moloney and Danny Burke along with the free taking of Lorcan McLaughlin kept the point column ticking over.  The westerners were hit with a tough break late in the half after Tipp corner forward, Patrick Fitzgerald, doubled on a high ball into the box just before the break, and ball took a one hopper into the net.  At the break it was a 4 point Tipp lead, 3-7 to 1-9.

The sides went back and forth in the second half, but Galway were unable to narrow the gap.  With Cronan Dempsey now finding the range the Tipp veteran pointed twice from distance.  Currie was on top of the frees and added a couple of nice scores from play, while for Galway the scores did not come as easy.  Danny Burke put a monster point over the bar from center back to make it a 5 point game, but the chances of a Galway rally narrowed after Patrick Fitzgerald netted for Tipp.

James Sweeney proved a handful for Galway to deal with.
Galway again fell foul of a goal out of nothing, another high ball fell into the full forward line and corner forward, Fitzgerald, managed to ensure that the ball was directed into the back of the net.  The goal put seven points in it.  Galway stuck with it and netted though substitute Niall Walsh.  The the Tipp forward line kicked into overdrive and fired over 8 points in the run in.  A spectacular Danny Burke goal for Galway would have little effect on the outcome, and for Tipp it is 2 for 2 after their first round of games.  For Galway it will be looking at tightening up at the back to keep out the goals.

Tipp:  Dara Perry, Mark O’Keefe, John Hamilton, Paul Morris, Paul Leopold, Kyle Firman, Simon Kennedy, Cronan Dempsey, Donal Burke, James Sweeney, Conor Martin, Patrick Fitzgerald, Colin Currie.

Galway:  Eanna Murphy, Tom Davey, David Loweny, Mark Bermingham, Caoimhean Bergin, Brian Kennedy, Danny Burke, Tom Moloney, Mikey Maloney, Lorcan McLaughlin, Michael Moylan, Thomas Douglas, Adam Kenny.
By Rory O'Donnell

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