Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Intermediate Football - Shannon Blues v Christopher's

Shannon Blues vs Christopher’s

Pat Moylan Seeks an Option for the Blues
Photo by Rachel O'Driscoll
The final game of the day at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton was yet another intermediate battle between Christopher’s and Shannon Blues. The game took off to a quick start with a fast point from Christopher’s, however the Shannon blues were not far behind, shooting 3 points from play in the first five minutes. Christopher’s kick outs managed to find themselves in the hands of Maurice young for the Shannon Blues more often than not, with some good teamwork play between Pat Murray and Young in the middle of the field dominating the first half of the game,

After a quick water break the Shannon Blues got right to business with Rian Bailey taking a mighty shot on goal. A few more handy points were tipped over the bar by both Michael Moylan and Maurice young – both players showing great potential in the front of the field. Christopher's bounced back with points from James Horgan and Killian Kilkelly.  Christopher’s keeper Bill Crookston made a number of good saves throughout the game.  Michael Moylan took a run at goal in the final minutes unfortunately missing narrowly and putting the shot over the bar

Overall it was a strong game of football with plenty of good hand passing and shots on goal!  Final score, Shannon Blues 1-22 Christopher's 0-10.

Man of the Match: Michael Moylan

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