Sunday, June 19, 2022

Senior Football - Galway v Aidan McAnespies

Galway 1-9 Aidan McAnespies 3-18

John Dunne in Possession for Galway

Aidan McAnespies will have been fairly pleased with their day’s work with a convincing victory over Galway.  For the westerners it will be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire as next up is favourites for the championship, Donegal next Saturday.  Two goals, one after the throw-in and another following the restart had Galway on the back foot from the get go, and the McAnespies attacking half back line kept the pressure on all game as they swarmed the Galway defence.

McAnespies got off to the perfect start with a Peter O’Connell point quickly followed by a Cian Sharkey goal, all within a minute of the throw-in.  The one-two punch was answered with 2 points from Galway corner forward John Dunne from placed balls.  McAnespies had the better of things from the get-go however.  Galway found themselves under pressure frequently as McAnespies were on top of the kick outs, and attacked in numbers to keep their opponents on the back foot. 

The points came from different quarters for McAnespies.  Colm Lennon, Cian Sharkey, Peter O’Connell with a great score, and Sharkey again kept the scoreboard moving for McAnespies while for Galway it was Dunne’s free kicks that kept it from getting out of hand.  Another goal with about 10 minutes to the break put McAnespies well and truly in the driver’s seat.  It was a move that characterized how McAnespies were playing with numbers overwhelming the Galway rearguard.   Daragh Lyne running from midfield found Rory Brolly who fired the ball into the far corner.  Galway answered with 2 points on the trot from Dunne and one Paddy Mullins, but McAnespies answered in kind with a score each from Robert Croft and Steven Ward.  At the half it was a commanding 2-9 to 0-7 McAnespies lead.

Darragh Lyne on the Attack for Macs

McAnespies extended their lead following the restart.  Ronan Buckley added third goal for McAnespies, while Ruairi Scott and Croft added points.  Galway opened their second half account with a Dunne free about 10 minutes into the half.  Ruairi Scott responded for McAnespies before Danny Burke finally rattled the McAnespies net following an assist from Dunne.  The goal was a consolation for Galway as the game had got away from them by that stage.  For McAnespies it was time to give the line a run to play out the remaining time.  A good outing for the Macs and Galway still searching for the first win of the season.

Galway: Blaine Sheridan, Eoin Dunne, Stuart Cullen, Aidan Flanagan, Ciaran Potter, Paddy Mullins, Danny Burke, Michael Kinsella, Barry McDonagh, Michael Moylan, Pat Moylan, John Moylan, John Dunne. Macs:  Rory McElroy, Rob Pigott, Gavin Nangle, Owen Ward, Colm Lennon, Cian Sharkey, Daragh Lyne, Steven Ward, Ronan Buckley, Ruairi Scott, Peter O’Connell, Robbie Croft, Rory Brolly.

By Rory O'Donnell

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