Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday June 15 - Senior Hurling: Galway v Tipperary

Tipperary 2-15 Galway 3-12

Galway salvaged a draw with a dogged second half comeback having fallen behind in the crucial first 10 minutes of the second half.  Goalkeeper James Skehill was very much involved as his penalty, and involvement in a somewhat controversial ending, contributed to 2 goals for the tribesmen.

Galway battled back to earn a draw at the death.
There was nothing between the teams after the first 30 minutes of play.  Plenty of stoppages due to injury prevented either side from getting into any sort of rhythm as the half moved along choppily.  Shortly after Mattie Brooks and John Moylan combined to net for Galway, Paul Buggy nonchalantly stroked the ball into the far corner at the other end. 

So it continued throughout the first half with the sides trading scores.  Galway spread the scores across the front 7, while for Tipp it was Buggy and Rory Sludds finding the posts.  A goal and seven a piece at the break.

Tipp got the second half off with a goal and five points.  Buggy finished the goal in style after Sean Moriarty found his teammate alone at the far post.  Coming on the heels of 5 points, to a solitary point for Galway, Tipp were in position to put the game away.  Galway stayed in the hunt however.

An infraction in the penalty area led to James Skehill making the trek from his goalmouth to bury the shot into the roof of the Tipp net.  There followed two points of individual brilliance from Paul Holden, and shortly afterwards, John Moylan, to pull Galway within a goal.  With the clock against them Galway threw the kitchen sink at it as Skehill advanced to within 35 yards to receive a short free and attempt a shot.  It was partially blocked by Sean Moriarty and left Skehill holding his shoulder in pain.  The ball was eventually put into the net by Paul Holden to salvage a draw for Galway.  To add some controversy to an already dramatic finish, Moriarty was shown a red card as his attempt to block was adjudged to be dangerous. 

Tipp:  S. Delaney, C. Gillis, S. McKillop, P. Moriarty, P. Flaherty, S. McGarr, T. McLiam, C. Dempsey, R. Sludds, P. Glennon, M. Kavanagh, S. Moriarty, P. Buggy.  Galway:  J. Skehill, P. Dowling, M. Lennon, S. Phelan, C. Murphy, JJ Doyle, B. McNamara, L. Henerson, P. Holden, D. Wallace, F. Flattery, J. Moylan, M. Brooks.

By Rory O'Donnell

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