Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday July 20 - Senior Hurling: Galway v Wexford

Galway 5-12 Wexford 0-13

A revamped Galway side took the field on Sunday to meet Brighton rivals, Wexford.  Richie Cummins and Tomás O'Hanrahan lined out in the corner forward positions and Rory Hickey at center forward, and between them the Galway forward line had put the game away in the first 30 minutes.  Galway started the game full of intensity, and did not allow Wexford any room on the ball.  It seemed too easy for Galway in the first half, and though Wexford did not allow a goal in the second half, they really needed to bag a couple to make a game of it, but Galway's defence was too tight to allow that to happen.

Galway put the matter to bed early with 5 first half goals.
The half time whistle must have come as a relief to Wexford for by the time it sounded, Galway had beaten Ed Spruhan five times.  The goals seemed to come a little too easy from Wexford's viewpoint.  Tomás O'Hanrahan netted a hat trick, with the balance coming from Paul Holden and Ger Malone.  Galway's turned Wexford the back line inside out on occasion, and in fairness to Spruhan, there was not much he could have done to stop any of them.  Galway were relentless in the half back line, John Moylan put in a determined first 30 minutes at wing back, as did Sean Phelan and JJ Doyle.  Wexford had a chance at a major having won a penalty.  Michael Moloney went low, but the ball bounced off the turf which took the sting out and Galway saved easily.  Wexford got some encouragement with fine scores from Tom Moloney, and his brother, Michael, but Galway had matters well under control and took the break 13 points to the good.

Though Wexford had a couple of opportunities they could not convert.
Wexford's misery continued in the second half.  Moloney stepped up to take another penalty opportunity, but again it went awry after was mishit and went wide of the posts.  Galway tended to the lead and matched Wexford in the points column.  Ed Spruhan pulled off a good save from Cummins to at least deny Galway a second half goal.  Wexford can take some solace from their second half performance, and remain on course for semi-final place.  But with the Tipperary result against Tom's, this senior hurling championship has sprung to life.

Wexford:  Ed Spruhan, H. Wallace, M. Ryan, B. Doyle, B. Barron, T. Moloney, J. Kehoe, M. O'Regan, M. Moloney, P. Ryan, T. Ryan, P. O'Farrell, M. Mansfield.  Galway:  J. Skehill, P. Dowling, P. O'Dwyer, J. Moylan, S. Phelan, JJ Doyle, J. Regan, B. McNamara, P. Holden, R. Hickey, G. Malone, T. O'Hanrahan, R. Cummins.

By Rory O'Donnell

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