Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday July 6 - Senior Hurling: Galway v Fr. Tom Burke's

Galway 0-13 Fr. Tom Burke's 1-20

Fr. Tom's got good performances from key players to remain unbeaten in the senior hurling championship.  Aside from a period in the second half when Galway threatened to come into the game, Tom's controlled affairs in most areas of the field.  A fortunate second half goal came at precisely the right time for Tom's to stretch their lead and put the dampers on Galway spirits just as the tribesmen had started to make inroads into Tom’s lead.

Try as they might, Galway could not settle against Tom's.
Fr. Tom's had it going all over the field in the first half.  Starting with the goalkeeper, Alan Keating pulled off two great saves to deny Galway goals that would have kept the Brighton side in touch.  Cormac Joyce-Power at center back was winning clean ball off the puckout, and put one back over the bar for good measure.  Zane Keenan in the middle of the field put two sidelines over the bar, one from each side of the field, and Shane Howley at wing forward lasered a handful of points over.  Galway played in fits and starts.  John Moylan and Paul Holden accounted for their first half scores, but the tribesmen were under pressure for most of the half.  The Tom's back line mopped up well to hold the fort, and at the break Tom's held a six point lead, 0-13 to 0-7.

Tom's center back, Cormac Joyce-Power gobbled up
everything sent in his direction.
Galway had a brief glimmer of hope for a period in the second half.  After the tribesmen had strung 4 points together and pulled within 4, it looked as though we might have a game.  Galway had begun to find their way into the game.  Chris Murphy in the half back line won several balls and Galway played with a renewed sense off urgency.  James Regan, Holden and Moylan pointed, and with their lead shrinking, Tom's needed a lift.  It came in the form of a fortunate goal.  Oisín Burke floated a harmless looking ball into the box, and uncharacteristically Skehill misjudged the flight and the ball ended up nestling in the back of the net.  It was onwards to the final conclusion from that point.  Tom's added to the difference as Galway spirits flagged in the run in to the final whistle.  Tom’s on top of the senior hurling table, and still remain unbeaten after their first 3 games.

Galway:  J. Skehill, P. Dowling, P. O'Dwyer, C. Murphy, S. Phelan, JJ Doyle, J. Regan, L. Henderson, P. Holden, G. Malone, C. Nolan, T. O'Hanrahan, J. Moylan.  Tom's:  A. Keating, G. Joyce, P. Heneghan, D. Costello, C. Joyce-Power, S. Higgins, Z. Keenan, C. Healy, S. Howley, I. McDonnell, O. Burke, A. Burke, T. Brickley.

Rory O'Donnell

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