Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sunday July 15 - Senior Football: Wolfe Tones v Aidan McAnespies

Daniel O'Neill in possession with Ronan Jones
looking to pounce.
Aidan McAnespies 0-13 Wolfe Tones 4-17 
Wolfe Tones put McAnespies to the sword with a surprisingly resounding win at the ICC on Sunday.  The Tones had a wealth of speed and scoring ability, whether it be James McEntee in the half back line or Dean Curran at corner forward the Tones showed a clean pair of heels on numerous occasions.  McAnespies sputtered and played in fits and starts but never really got into any kind of rhythm and in the end it was a romp for the Tones a couple of late goals.
The opening period saw the Tones streak into a substantial lead.  For about a 20 minute period the Tones had McAnespies on the ropes and rattled off a goal and seven points with one in reply from their opponents.  McAnespies were not at the races in any shape or form.  Dean Curran got the streak off with a fine point off his left foot, and another well taken effort from James McEntee underlined the Tones dominance as they streamed forward from the half back line.  Ronan Jones converted two frees, and then came the goal from Chris Sallier.  A high ball into the corner was gathered by Sallier and the Thomas Davis clubman cut in along the endline, beat the advancing keeper and put the ball home.
Robbie Croft and McAnespies had a tough time
breaking the Tones back line.

The final 10 minutes of the half saw McAnespies eat into the deficit as Warner Mullen came into the game at center forward.  The Strabane native converted two points and was heavily involved in many of the McAnespies attacking moves.  Che O’Donnell and Croft pointed 3 frees between them and at the break the difference between the teams was 6 points, 0-6 to 1-10 in the Tones favour.
The second half saw the Tones put the game away with 2 more goals.  There was an unsavoury incident off the ball that resulted in red cards for Declan Kidney and Thomas Beckett.  McAnespies looked as if they could be reining in the lead after getting off to a good start.  Three points on the trot, one from Croft and 2 from Lafferty pulled McAnespies within 4 points, and then came the red cards.  The Tones second goal came shortly afterwards, with Dolan involved and Curran with the finish. 
A streak of a goal and four points ensued to kill the game.  McEntee was involved in the goal and the game was over as a contest with the teams playing out time.  The win puts the Tones atop the table with McAnespies and the Blues looking like they will be in a dogfight for the final place in the semi-finals.
Macs:  Anthony Kidney, Eoin Delmer, Daniel O’Neill, Paul Clifford, Rob Piggott, Caolan Harvey, Declan Hughes, Danny McBride, Albert Martin, Warner Mullen, Che O’Donnell, John Lafferty, Robbie Croft.
Tones:  Shane Hayes, Kevin Maguire, Eoin Buggie, Mike O’Brien, Jack Lynch, James McEntee, Ronan Jones, Aaron Elliott, James Dolan, Thomas O’Reilly, Thomas Beckett, Dean Curran, Chris Sallier.

By Rory O'Donnell

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