Monday, August 31, 2015

Junior C Hurling Final: Portland v Barley House Wolves

Portland HC 5-15 Barley House Wolves 0-5

Portland did it in 2015 and did it in style.  The hurlers from Maine went unbeaten in their eighth season to win the Boston Northeast championship.  With a back line that was well on top and each of the front seven well capable of putting the ball over the bar it was a dominant performance and proved all too easy in the end.

Portland Captain Larry Maher accepts the cup from
John Cunningham.
Portland dominated proceedings, holding their opponents scoreless for the first 30 minutes while tallying 2-9 themselves.  Portland held all the aces, both Conor Boyle and Larry Maher in the middle of the field made a great partnership, as did corner forwards Aidan O’Brien and Matt Anderson.   Portland’s scores were well spread across the forward line.  Dan Flanagan, Alan McGrath, Anderson and O’Brien each got on the scoresheet.  The goals came from McGrath and O’Brien.  O’Brien first timed a ball across the face of the goal into the net, while McGrath took his from about 14 yards.

Barley House Wolves struggled against the fitter Portland side.  There were a handful of chances to get into the danger zone.  Ryan Nickerson, Nick Lawrence and Dean Williams worked hard to try and advance their side’s cause, but to no avail.  Pat Naughton did well between the posts for the Concord side, and really could not do anything about either goal.  At the break Portland held an unassailable looking 2-9 with their opponents yet to score.

A couple of changes were made for the second half.  Ross Myers came into the game for Portland, and the youngster looked very stylish tallying a point early on.  In an effort to try and get some forward momentum Pat Naughton came out of goal and the fortunes of the Wolves improved somewhat.  Naughton and Nick Lawrence tallied points to get the New Hampshire lads off the mark, but with Joel Wezowicz patrolling the Portland half back line making a meaningful dent in the lead was going to be tough.

2015 Junior C Hurling Champions, Portland.
Towards the end of the game a minor fracas broke out that ended with referee Kevin O’Donnell issuing yellow cards to Matt Wilson of the BHW and Jon Gormley of Portland, though the game was played in a good spirit throughout.  Additional goals were scored by Anderson, Bryon Williams and Sean Matthews before all was said and done.  So, on the Chicago as Northeast champs for Portland and best of luck to the Mainers in the finals.

Portland:  JJ Twohig, J. Gormley, C. Denton, E. Burns, J. Wezowicz, D. Adams, C. Boyle, L. Maher, D. Flanagan, B. Williams, A. McGrath, A. O’Brien, M. Anderson.  BHW:  P. Naughton, A. Foley, C. Thompson, C. Martin, D. Williams, W. Perry, S. Durfee, N. Lawrence, R. Burnham, R. Nickerson, M. Wilson, J. Mullen,T. Hughes.

By Rory O'Donnell

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