Thursday, August 17, 2023

Ladies Junior A Football Final- Shamrock Ladies and St. Brendan's

St. Brendan’s ladies' team took home the cup, to celebrate their first year playing at an adult level. They defeated the Boston Shamrocks in a hard-fought battle that resulted in a deserving win for the Brendan’s girls.  

They wasted no time in the opening minutes, bagging a goal kicked by number 6, Ava O'Donnell. The Shamrocks, determined not to be left behind, made several attempts, all of which were wide, or saved by Brendan’s fantastic goalie, Clodagh Horan. Possession was one-sided for most of the first half, and the Shamrocks struggled to hold onto the ball. Thankfully for them, the scoring was low on Brendan’s side too. Shamrocks’ number 20, kicked a point that put their name on the scoreboard, however, Brendan’s were still in the lead by three points.  

St. Brendan’s defenders were focused- they knew their job would be difficult from the beginning, and they let very little through. Brendan’s number 12, Ciara Delaney, secured another point and she followed up shortly after with her second goal of the game. Shamrocks now knew their work in the second half would be difficult.  

Brendan’s won the throw-in and secured the first point of the second half, courtesy of number 7 Fiona Tuohy. The pressure weighed on the Shamrocks’ defenders. With a point from number 12, Delaney, Brendan’s pulled further ahead, but refused to get comfortable with their lead. This was certainly the right decision, as moments later Shamrocks’ number 10, Catriona Lynch, buried a goal in the net.  

Despite hard work until the very last minute, the Shamrock Ladies could not catch their competitors. St. Brendan's took the victory and secured their spot in the USGAA finals next weekend.

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