Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sun July 30- Worcester Fenians v New Hampshire Wolves

 There was a huge turnout for the Junior B Hurling final between the Worcester Fenians and the New Hampshire Wolves last Sunday. As predicted, it was a close game throughout, and it was almost impossible to predict a winner from the first half. Ultimately, the Fenians pulled through in the second half to defeat their longtime rivals and claim the Championship title.  

The Fenians took the first point of the game, but the first goal went to the Wolves courtesy of number 9, Spacone. Fenians struck back with several points from number 12, Liam Kelly. Halfway through the first half, the Wolves were up by one point, when a Fenian goal from number 13, Conor Greene saw them take the lead for the first time.  

Not to be left behind, the Wolves bagged a goal of their own from a free that snuck behind the goalie and a line of Fenian defenders. Once again, the score was level and both sides fought hard to take the lead. Another goal for the Fenians made it a three-point game at halftime.  

The Fenians returned to the field with a new thirst for victory and superb scoring from number 13, Greene, and 9. The Wolves retaliated with points of their own but try as they might, they could not secure the goal they so desperately needed. A remarkable point from beyond the halfway line by Wolves number 3, Slevin, lifted their spirits but it seemed that for every point there was two for their competitors. The Fenians held on tight as the minutes ticked away and managed to cling to their lead as the referee blew the final whistle. The game finished with a final score of Worcester Fenians 3-09 to New Hampshire Wolves 2-10.  


  1. Dan Smith 
  2. Andrew Engel 
  3. Dan Williams 
  4. Zach P 
  5. Sean O’Shaughnessy 
  6. Joe Nett 
  7. Patrick Heffernan 
  8. Patrick Sullivan 
  9. Tom Lind 
  10. Dylan Walsh 
  11. Joe Wall 
  12. Liam Kelly 
  13. Conor Greene 



  1. J. Walden 
  2. C. Anderson 
  3. B. Slevin 
  4. N. Mullen 
  5. J. O’Flynn 
  6. T. Lemmen 
  7. S. Durfee 
  8. A. Durfee 
  9. M. Spacone 
  10. S. Naughton 
  11. M. Misorski 
  12. A. Foley 
  13. P. Naughton 

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