Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sun July 30- Donegal v Wolf Tones- Men's Intermediate Football Championship

 It was a close call between Donegal and the Wolf Tones’ intermediate teams at the weekend. The teams battled it out to secure their spot in the semi-final. After a hard fight, Donegal took a two-point win, kicking the Wolf Tones out of the championship.  

Donegal wasted no time with a run and goal attempt from number 5, Jack Mc Sharry, which was saved by the Tone’s goalie. Donegal put a few points on the scoreboard before the Tones had a chance to. The first point for the Tones came from number 12, Oisin Brady, whose performance this season has gotten the Wolf Tones to where they were. Donegal’s number 5, Mc Sharry, was not ready to give up on his goal dreams but missed once again with his second attempt hit the post. The Tones enjoyed a burst of scoring thanks to numbers 8, Barry O’Connell, and 10, Jax Hughes. Donegal finally got their goal, and it was matched seconds later by one from Tones’ Hughes (10).  

The Wolf Tones stole back the advantage that Donegal had been holding onto for most of the first half. Donegal, determined to get the game back, struck with a number of points. The two teams shuffled between an even score and a point behind for the remainder of the game. The Tones had two chances to pull ahead in the last five minutes but both points were wide. With Donegal up by two, a last-ditch effort led to fouling, fighting and black cards for the Tones’ goalie and Donegal’s number 19.  

The game finished with a final score of Donegal 1-16 to Wolf Tones 1-14.  


  1. Eoin McGing 
  2. Jack Hamill 
  3. Mark Canny 
  4. Sean Donnelly 
  5. Jack McSharry 
  6. Ethan McDevitt 
  7. Darren Grant 
  8. Niall Murphy 
  9. Sean Winston 
  10. Ryan McMahon 
  11. Jack Doyle 
  12. Mark McFadden 
  13. Donnacha Swinburre 


Wolf Tones: 

  1. Ben Savage 
  2. Tom McInnis 
  3. Michael Kerr 
  4. Sean Moore 
  5. James O’Heir 
  6. Joey Doyle 
  7. Dylan Murtagh 
  8. Barry O’Connell 
  9. Barry McShea 
  10. Jax Hughes 
  11. Sean Ford 
  12. Oisin Brady 
  13. Cormac Joyce Power 


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