Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sat Jul 29- Kerry v Cork- Men's Intermediate Football Championship

 Cork’s Intermediate team took the win in a lively game against Kerry last Saturday. Scoring was neck in neck throughout the first half, with both sides struggling to maintain an advantage. After the sides traded points to get things going, Cork’s desperation for a goal was clear. Many great attempts were made by numbers 12, Sean McDonnell and 7, Sullivan but Kerry’s keeper, Sean Bohan, was on his A-game.  

Kerry’s number 10, Sean Guidan, carried their side in scoring, racking up a serious number of points in the first half. He evened the score with minutes left, and just before the whistle, popped one over the bar to put Cork one point in front. 

Cork won the throw in, but it was Kerry that secured the first point. A score from Cork’s number 11, Padraig Smith, put them back in the lead. As the minutes ticked away, both teams struggled to get the ball between the posts. A point from McDonnell (12) won Cork back their lead and this time they were desperate to hang on to it. Kerry’s number 15 put them back in the game with a comeback point. When it looked like a draw might be the outcome, Cork’s 13 was awarded a free just outside the box which he landed into the net from the top left corner. The Cork fans went wild with excitement.  

One final point from Guidan (10) could not save Kerry. Cork enjoyed a two-point win over their rivals, with a final score of Cork 1-16 to Kerry 0-17.  


  1. Kieran Mc Enerny
  2. Niall Fitzgerald
  3. Eoghan Barry
  4. Emmett Smith
  5. Mark Dalton
  6. John O'Nillane
  7. Shaun Sullivan
  8. Keiran Costello
  9. Jack Dillon
  10. Charlie McCarthy
  11. Padraig Smith
  12. Sean McDonnell
  13. Jack Kelliher


  1. Sean Bohan
  2. Paudie White
  3. Mark Fitzgerald
  4. John Cooper
  5. Peter O'Sullivan
  6. Noel Kennedy
  7. Brandon Horan
  8. Kieran O'Donnell
  9. Jackie Murphy
  10. Sean Guidan
  11. Conor Stark
  12. Rian O'Sullivan
  13. Cillian Gilligan

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