Monday, August 7, 2023

Sun Aug 6- Cork v Donegal- Mens Intermediate Football Semi-Final

Similar to the other Intermediate Semi-Final, it was a close call between Donegal and Cork last Sunday. After the Blues took the victory in the first game of the day, crowds were excited to see who they would be facing next weekend in the Championship final. 

Cork looked the better of the teams in the first half. They bagged the first score of the game courtesy of number 12, Sean McDonnell. Donegal retaliated with one from number 13, Mark McFadden. Cork catapulted themselves into the lead with a surprise goal from number 13, Jack Kelliher, who took the lead on scoring for the boys in red and white. Points were aplenty for both sides. Donegal played it safe with points rather than goals, which seemed to work in their favor. Scoring from 13, and 5, Jack Mc Sharry, and Cork's 11, Jack Dillon, and 8, Kieran Costello, saw the first half finish with an even score. 

The second half was as tight as the first. Both sides racked up a serious amount of points. A goal from Donegal's number 14, put them in a two-point lead once again. Numbers 12, Mc Donnell and 13, Kelliher, tried to close the gap in score with points for Cork. Donegal, determined to hang onto their advantage, made several attempts at a goal. Finally, success came in the form of number 9, Michael Winston, who punched the ball into the net. 

A sneaky goal from number McDonnell, allowed Cork to edge back in as the minutes ticked away, but they would still need another goal to put themselves in the lead. Points from Donegal's 15 and 22 made this less likely. Despite a last ditch effort by Mc Donnell, a goal could not save them. It was a three-point game at the final whistle, with a final score of 3-15 to Donegal, to 3-12 to Cork. 

Donegal will now go head to head with the Shannon Blues next Sunday, at 1pm. 

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