Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sun July 30- McAnespie's v Donegal – Men's Senior Football Championship

 Donegal enjoyed an easy win over McAnespie’s on Sunday, pending their official face-off in the semi-finals next weekend. The game essentially acted as a dry run for this Sunday’s semi-final game between the teams. Many of the junior players got a run out in this game and enjoyed a relatively easy warm-up.   

McAnespie’s fell behind in scoring from the get-go. Donegal racked up a number of impressive scores, mostly from number 7, Jason McGee. Number 20, struck with a goal increasing their lead. McAnespie’s still could not manage to get a score on the board. Donegal certainly looked the better of the teams- it seemed their defenders were everywhere and any scoring chances McAnespie’s did have, went wide. At halftime, they held a 15-point lead.  

McAnespie’s scoring increased in the second half, thanks to number 8, Conan McCosker, and number 3, Aodhan O’Malley, but not by enough to make catching up a possibility. McAnespie’s keeper, Marc Kelliher, made several incredible saves that stopped Donegal from running away with the match altogether. Donegal’s Cian O’Grady’s (13) penalty attempt was blocked, and the rebound resulted in a point instead.  

Donegal secured an eighteen-point win, hoping to assert their dominance pending their meeting next weekend, in the Championship semi-finals. The final score of 2-20 to 1-5 not only proved Donegal’s ability but their hunger for victory.  




  1. Hugh Boyle 
  2. Jason Noctor 
  3. Sean Maloney 
  4. Aidan Sullivan  
  5. Jack O’Brien 
  6. Sean Doherty 
  7. Jason McGee 
  8. Donal McBride 
  9. Liam McCrea 
  10. Shane O’Donnell  
  11. James Newell  
  12. Ashley Carr 
  13. Cian O’Grady 



  1. Marc Kelliher 
  2. Padraig Dillon 
  3. Aodhan O’Malley 
  4. Rory Brolly 
  5. Pat Darcy 
  6. Colm O’Malley 
  7. Steve Ward 
  8. Conan McCosker 
  9. Rory Scott 
  10. Johnn McCarty 
  11. Jude Campbell 
  12. Stephen Montique  
  13. Oisin McCormack  



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