Thursday, August 17, 2023

Men’s Intermediate Football Final 2023- Shannon Blues v Donegal


After coming head-to-head in the Junior B Final the day before, the Shannon Blues and Donegal Intermediate teams faced off once again, this time, Shannon Blues taking the win. From the first whistle, it was clear that both teams were bringing their A-Game. They had the same number of wins and losses this season, so it was difficult to predict the outcome.  

Donegal started off strong with three points. Not to be left behind, the Blues fought back with a goal and a point. Their number 12, Darren Wallace, bagged two more points, followed by one from number 9. Donegal’s scoring remained low, but a point just before half-time from number 13, Matthew McLaughlin, kept them in the race. It was a five-point game at halftime.  

Returning to the field, Donegal knew they had hard work ahead of them. The second half got underway with scores from Blues number 8, Lee Deignan, and Donegal’s 15, Darren Grath, and 17. The lead increased and decreased as the minutes ticked away. As the Blues scored two more points, Donegal began to slack in the scoring department. A goal from Blues 13, Gearoid Hassett, was fast and unexpected. Two more points from 10, Niall Feeney, and 14, solidified the message they were trying to send: that even though they were in the lead, they were not letting up on the accelerator anytime soon.  

Donegal fought back hard with a surprise goal of their own, courtesy of number 15, Grath. At this point, they were 8 points behind, and a miracle would be needed to see them win. Two more points from 17 and 5, Jack Mc Sharry, narrowed the gap once more, but points were no use at this stage. They searched for a goal opportunity but could not find it in time.  

The Blues, knowing they had won the game, did not relent until they heard that final whistle. They demonstrated some of the best football they had played all season and their win was well deserved. The match finished with a final score of 2-16 to the Shannon Blues and 1-11 to Donegal.

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