Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Sat July 23- Donegal v Connemara Gaels- Men's Senior Football Championship

The Connemara Gaels were victorious yesterday, after going head-to-head with Donegal. On the scorching hot day, the two teams battled it out until the final whistle, hoping to secure their place in the finals.  

This was win number four for the Gaels this season, and their ferocity was clear from the second they hit the pitch. Scoring got underway with a point from Donegal’s number 13, David Garland, followed by one from Gaels’ number 7, Paul Keaney. Gaels’ number 13 Simon Garrity bagged the first goal of the match. Points bounced back and forth between both sides. With both sides struggling to rise above the other, Gaels’ Garrity (13) palmed the ball into the net, following an impressive set up from number 12, Daniel Kerr. When the halftime whistle was blown, the Gaels were leading by four points.  

Upon return to the field, there was clear angst amongst the Donegal team. A point from their number 12, Darragh Roche, got things underway, while a free saw Gaels number 18, match their point. Frustrated with their slow scoring rate, it was clear that the Donegal players were going for goals. A tussle in the box resulted in a black card for goalie, James Keoghan (1). He was promptly replaced by Stephen Murray (16), and number 6, Mikey Kerr, was taken off to sit out the sinbin for his teammate. Number 7, Shane Carthy was successful in the penalty attempt.  

At this point, tensions were reaching their peak. Another scuffle in front of the Gaels’ goal resulted in a penalty again. This time, the attempt was saved by substitute goalie, Murray, and the rebound was returned by Carthy (7), but miraculously hit the post. Nobody in the Canton stands could tear their eyes off the match before them. The Gaels continued to cling to their advantage for dear life. Possession remained on the Donegal end for several minutes and the Gaelsdefenders looked exhausted trying to keep them out.  

Number 19 for the Gaels’, Keelin McGann proved his place on the pitch with an excellent point just minutes into his debut. At this point, Donegal was just two points behind. Wasting no time as the ten-minutes were up, Mikey Kerr (6) and Keoghan (1) made their reappearance. The crowds cheered on Stephen Murray as he exited the field. The pressure was on to wait out the time that was left and hope that the Gaels’ defenders had enough gas in the tank to keep the Donegal players out for the remaining time. A point from Carthy (7) derailed those plans with two consecutive points for Donegal, evening the score.  

After a brief water break, the final quarter of the match resumed with an even score. Just as the Donegal players got their hopes up about a comeback, disaster struck for them in the form of two consecutive Gaels’ goals from numbers 10, Emmett McMahon and 11, Daniel Lynam. Even the final burst of points from Carthy (7) could not save Donegal. With fiery personalities showing up in the pressure of the final few minutes, fouling was abundant and yet another penalty for Donegal was awarded. Despite the pressure that rested on the keeper’s shoulders, he managed to save the penalty and secure the win for the Gaels.  

The match finished with a final score of Connemara Gaels 4-12 to Donegal 2-15. This win earns the Connemara Gaels a spot in the finals.  


Connemara Gaels: 

  1. James Keoghan 
  2. Ronan Lanigan 
  3. Eoghan Murray 
  4. Colman Mulkerin 
  5. Jack Lynch 
  6. Mikey Kerr 
  7. Paul Keaney 
  8. Nathan Donnelly 
  9. James Darcy 
  10. Emmett McMahon 
  11. Daniel Lynam 
  12. Daniel Kerr 
  13. Simon Garrity  

  1. Donegal:

  2. Hugh Boyle 
  3. Jason Noctor 
  4. Anthony Diver 
  5. Ethan McDevitt 
  6. Conor O’Donnell  
  7. Sean Moloney 
  8. Shane Carthy 
  9. Thomas Galligan 
  10. Cory Gallagher 
  11. Shane O’Donnell 
  12. Nicholas Stone 
  13. Darragh Roche 
  14. David Garland

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