Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Sun July 9-Donegal v Galway- Men’s Senior Football Championship

Donegal took the win in their battle against Galway last Sunday, July 9th.  

The two teams went point for point for much of the first half with scores from Donegal’s number 13, Darragh Roche and Galway’s own 13, Nathan Grainger. A goal from Galway’s number 12 David Garland lit the spark and Donegal were fierce in their attempts to even the score. Neither side could gain a sustained period on top. It was points that put Donegal back in the running, secured by 12 and 13, Garland and Roche. After a goal of their own, Donegal held a seven-point lead at halftime.  

Garland (12) kicked off the scoring with a point after halftime and another shortly after. Once again, Garland and Roche lit up the second half. It was clear that Donegal’s energy was not reserved to scoring but to defending against the determined Galway forwards. Donegal’s 15 made an excellent save deterring their goal efforts once more.

Try as they might, Galway could not seem to secure the scores they needed. Several missed attempts came to a head when a goal from Grainger (13) lifted their spirits. Grainger, a summer transfer from the Galway County team, was unrelenting and held onto what little chance Galway had at a comeback. 

Galway never lost hope, but even the final point from number 9, Michael Moylan, couldn’t save them. 

Donegal took the victory, with a final score of 1-18 to Galway 2-08.  



  1. Hugh Boyle 
  2.  Anthony Diver 
  3. Aidan O’Sullivan 
  4. Sean Winston 
  5. Conor O’Donnell  
  6. Cory Gallagher 
  7. Shane Carthy 
  8. Thomas Galligan 
  9. Cian O’Grady 
  10. Shane O’Donnell 
  11. Ethan McDevitt 
  12. David Garland
  13. Darragh Roche 



  1. James Kelly 
  2. Jack Glynn 
  3. Anthony Keating 
  4. Kieran Dwyer 
  5. Jordan Muldoon 
  6. Stuart Cullen 
  7. Eoin Morrissey 
  8. Connell Dempsey 
  9. Michael Moylan 
  10. Danny Burke 
  11. Conor Flanaghan 
  12. Conor Flaherty 
  13. Nathan Grainger 




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