Monday, July 17, 2023

Sun July 16- Shannon Blues v Wolf Tones- Men's Intermediate Football Championship

 The Shannon Blues were the clear winner against the Wolf Tones this Sunday, July 16th. The torrential rain kept supporters away and provided a messy stage for the players, which only got worse as the game went on.  

Points from Tones number 10, Sean Moore and Blues number 8, Lee Deignan got the game underway. It didn’t take long for the Blues to assert their dominance with two more points and a goal from Deignan (8). Deignan, a Sligo native, was responsible for a large number of their scores.

The Tones’ number 13, Oisin Brady kicked a point from a free, but the scoring margin was already wide and though they tried their best to catch up, it seemed they couldn't secure the scores. A joint goal attempt from the Blues’ 13 Gearoid Hassett and 12 Darren Walshe resulted in their second goal and moments later, Hassett struck again with another goal. This surge clearly took a toll on the Tones. 

The Wolf Tones sent on number 16, Mikey Kerr for number 9, Sean Ford. Despite their efforts, the Tones only secured two more points before the halftime whistle. At this point, the Blues held a twelve-point lead.  

As the second half got underway, a goal from Brady (13) lifted the Tones’ spirits. Try as they might, each score for the Wolf Tones seemed to be matched by one from the Blues. The Tones held onto possession but found it hard to obtain the scores as the time ticked away. As the gap widened, the Tones’ subs came on to get a run out. With fresh legs they appeared reinvigorated but by then it was difficult for them to perform knowing how great the score difference was.  

One Tones player asked his teammate who had just come off the field, if it was difficult to get a good grip on the wet ball, as they missed many kick outs. “Almost impossible” he responded.  

The Shannon Blues took over the game and finished with a deserving win. The final score was Shannon Blues 4-13 to Wolf Tones 1-10.  


Shannon Blues: 

  1. Nik Albarran 
  2. Derek O’Brien 
  3. David Mangan 
  4. Patrick Moylan 
  5. Eoin Clifford 
  6. Conor Fitzgerald 
  7. Jack Young 
  8. Lee Deignan 
  9. Michael Moylan 
  10. Niall Feeney 
  11. Niall Walsh 
  12. Darran Walshe 
  13. Gearoid Hassett 


Wolf Tones: 

  1. Ben Savage 
  2. Cian O’Reilly 
  3. Thomas McGuinness 
  4. Joey Doyle 
  5. James O’Heir 
  6. Eoin O’Donnell  
  7. Barry McShea 
  8. Dylan Murtagh 
  9. Sean Ford 
  10. Sean Moore 
  11. J. Huges 
  12. Dylan Coyne 
  13. Oisin Brady 



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