Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Sun July 9- Wolf Tones v Aidan McAnespie’s- Intermediate Football Championship

The Wolf Tone’s enjoyed an impressive 10-point win over Aidan McAnespie’s last Sunday, in the men’s intermediate football championship.  

The Tone’s set the tone for the match straight away, by winning the throw in and bagging two .points before McAnespie’s had a chance to get their bearings. When they did, it was number 5, Tiernan McSkean, who scored their first point. Scoring went back and forth between the teams, with incredible scoring from Mac’s number 10, Pat McKervey, and 12, Padraic Dillon. The Tone’s perhaps owe their win to corner forward, Oisin Brady (12), whose level of scoring was unmatched. It was a five-point game at halftime, with the Tone’s in the lead.  

Scoring just wasn’t going McAnespie’s way, as several missed chances caused tensions to rise. Mac’s 2, Eoin Murdock, hit the crossbar with one attempt, which would have closed the gap somewhat. The only goal of the match was from Brady (12), who carried the scoring in the second half. Two points from McAnespie’s 9, Niall Murphy, and 12, Padraic Dillon, followed but were not enough to catch up to their opponents.  

The Wolf Tones, deservingly, took the win, with a final score of Tone’s 1-19 to McAnespie’s 0-12.  


The Wolf Tone’s: 

  1. Ben Savage 
  2. Jack Fitzgerald 
  3. Thomas McGuinness 
  4. Eoin O’Donnell 
  5. James O’Hare 
  6. Pa Collins 
  7. Dylan Murtagh 
  8. Barry O’Connell 
  9. Sean Forde 
  10. Sean Moore 
  11. Dylan Coyne 
  12. Oisin Brady 
  13. Conor O’Donnell 


Aidan McAnespie’s: 

  1. Jimmy Rigney 
  2. Eoin Murdock 
  3. Brian Troy 
  4. Jonathon McGourthy 
  5. Tiernan McSkean 
  6. Colm O’Malley 
  7. Paddy Magee 
  8. Steve Ward 
  9. Niall Murphy 
  10. Pat McKervey 
  11. Ger Dillon 
  12. Padraic Dillon 
  13. Jude Campbell 



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