Monday, July 17, 2023

Sat July 15- Connemara Gaels v Kerry- Men's Intermediate Football Championship

 The hard-fought battle between the Connemara Gaels and Kerry’s intermediate teams ended in a draw last Saturday. The two teams were neck-in-neck throughout the sixty minutes, and both struggled to maintain an advantage for long. 

The Gaels started off strong with three points in the opening minutes of the first half. Kerry’s number 10, Sean Guiden secured their first point of the game and began his scoring streak that lasted the duration of the game. Guiden acted as the free taker and Kerry owed many of their scores to his precision. Gael’s wing forward, Galway transfer Oisin McDonagh (12) had a similar scoring streak.  

Points piled up for both sides, but the first goal of the match came from Kerry’s number 2, Padraig White, who seemed to light the spark for his teammates inspiring a surge of scores that followed. Number 11, Jackie Murphy followed his lead punching in a goal moments later. After a quick water break, they continued to brave the unrelenting heat, not allowing it to slow them down. The Kerry keeper, Sean Bohan made an excellent save at the Gaels’ goal attempt. Shortly after, a collision between two Kerry players resulted in injury for both of them, but the referee failed to stall play which resulted in a goal for the Gaels and outrage on the sidelines.  

Growing frustrations led to spirited play, fouling and fierce determination to pull ahead. Gaels’ number 10, Mathias Eoin Barrett, and 12, McDonagh, continued to bank points while Kerry struggled to hold onto their advantage. By the halftime whistle, Kerry held a one-point lead.  

Points from Gaels’ 3, Sean Holmes, 10, Barrett and 12, McDonagh, kicked off the second half. Though there was impressive play from both sides, neither could hold onto the advantage for long. A three-point lead for Kerry became a three-point lead for the Gaels and so on.

An incredible run from Clifden native, Ruairi King (7) became a point that put the Gaels in the lead once again. Given the circumstances of the heat and the frustrating inability to establish any more than a couple points between them, both teams demonstrated excellent skill and determination. Ultimately, a draw was a fair result. The match finished with Kerry 3-19 to Connemara Gaels 1-25.  




  1. Sean Bohan 
  2. Padraig White 
  3. Peter O’Sullivan 
  4. Aaron Moore 
  5. Mark Fitzgerald 
  6. Noel Kennedy 
  7. Kieran O’Donnell 
  8. Brandon Haran 
  9. Liam Doherty 
  10. Sean Guiden 
  11. Jackie Murphy 
  12. Rian O’Sullivan 
  13. Cillian Gilligan 


Connemara Gaels: 

  1. James O’Donnell 
  2. Cian Fagan 
  3. Sean Holmes 
  4. Padraic McDonagh 
  5. Michael Coyne 
  6. Tom Conroy 
  7. Ruairi King 
  8. Ger Daveron 
  9. Steve Murray 
  10. Mathias Eoin Barrett 
  11. Daniel Reaney 
  12. Oisin McDonagh 
  13. Connor O’Neill 





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