Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10 - Senior Football: Aidan McAnespies v Donegal

Aidan McAnespies 3-17 Donegal 1-6

Aidan McAnespies have beaten all comers so far this season and Sunday it was no different against Donegal. McAnespies were quicker, sharper, and displayed a high level of teamwork and understanding to leave last years Boston champions far behind in the rearview mirror.

Gary O'Neill rises highest for the kickout.
McAnespies tallied eleven scores in the first half, two of them goals. Donegal were unable to keep up with their opponents as McAnespies swept down the field in waves while it seemed as if Donegal were swimming against the tide. The McAnespies back line was quick to close down any threat from Donegal, and what openings Donegal got usually ended up with the ball dropping short into the keeper’s hands. McAnespies inter-passing was impressive, sharp and quick. The first score for McAnespies was a goal from a Paul O’Donoghue penalty. Mark Little was brought down in the area and O’Donoghue placed the ball into the corner with little fuss. Eight points were scored before Donegal registered their third point. Collie Carr and Jamie Doherty accounted for the first two for the northerners. O’Donoghue put back to back 45s over the bar, while Plunkett Donaghy, Rory Bracken and Mark Little also scored. Donegal corner back Niall Byrne did well, but there was little for Donegal supporters to cheer. Colm McCrory started the move that led to the second goal being put away by Sean Cournane. It did not look good from a Donegal perspective coming into the second half.

The second half was more or less the same story. McAnespies backs quick to any ball played into the Donegal forward line, and the forwards had Donegal chasing shadows. Donegal did get a consolation goal from Collie Carr. McAnespies piled it on with points from Kane, Little, Philip Toner and O’Donoghue. A late goal from Colm McCrory was salt in the wound for Donegal, while substitute Steven Magill added a couple more. McAnespies looking like they are destined to repeat as champions as the distance between them and the rest of the field grows.
Macs: C. Kendrick, R. McCloskey, N. Gallen, C. McCrory, N. Kerr, S. Hughes, G. O’Neill, R. Bracken, P. Kane, P. Toner, M. Little, P. O’Donoghue, S. Cournane. Donegal: L. Mailey, N. Byrne, M. Canning, P. O’Connell, T. Caldwell, D. McBride, M. McGinty, E. Doonan, C. Carr, B. White, A. Bonner, J. Doherty, P. Kelly.

By Rory O'Donnell

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