Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday July 2 - Senior Football: Galway v Armagh-Notre Dame

Galway 1-13 Armagh-Notre Dame 1-11

The Brighton rivals served up a competitive, exciting game of football that could have gone either way. After a strong start from Galway their opponents worked their way back into the game and pushed Galway all the way to the final whistle.

James Carroll on the attack for Galway.
Galway opened the game strongly. The forward line was in full gear and ran at the Armagh-ND defence at every opportunity. Anton McFadden and Kevin Comiskey in particular caused havoc in the northerner’s back line. Cummins popped three points over the bar, McFadden one, and James Carroll a fifth for Galway to open a five points to no score lead. A point from Paudie Finnegan signaled a comeback from the men from the orchard county. A second followed from Finnegan, and a great score it was. There was a little worry in the Galway ranks as some slack passing started to creep into their game. It bit the westerners as a bad kickout went over the sideline and a goal came from the resulting sideline kick. Frank Meehan found Finnegan in front of goal and Finnegan blasted home. Cummins relieved the pressure with a point for Galway, but their opponents strung three points together from none other than Finnegan who was on fire in the corner. After Tom Walsh put the last score of the half over the bar Armagh-ND led by a score of 0-7 to 1-5.

Owen Costello and Kevin Cummins turn and chase.
Galway turned the tables very quickly after the restart. A goal from Danny Reddin and two points from Cummins propelled Galway into a four point lead. Andrew Murnin worked hard in midfield to turn things for the northerners. Finnegan pointed twice to cut the deficit in half, but Galway soon had the lead restored with points from Reddin and Carroll. The game slowed down a little as neither side could find direction. A Kevin Cummins point with 5 minutes to go put Galway in a five point lead and game looked in the bag, but Armagh-ND made a push to the finish. Murnin pointed, followed by two from Finnegan. With time running out a goal was required for the northerners but the closest they came was a Frank Meehan half chance that went well wide. The win keeps Galway in the hunt, and with a good result against the Shannon Blues last week there is every chance to be there.

Galway: P. Ryan, D. Walsh, G. Dunphy, P. Cummins, E. Doherty, J. Kehoe, A. Shore, T. Walsh, P. Nolan, A. McFadden, D. Reddin, K. Cummins, J. Carroll. Armagh-ND: C. Brady, G. Cairns, O. Costello, M. McCauley, F. Meehan, K. Campion, A. Murnin, K. Lynch, G. Hall, J. Comiskey, M. Tiffany, D. Magill, P. Finnegan.

By Rory O'Donnell

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