Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday July 17 - Senior Football: Galway v Christopher's

Galway 0-16 Christopher’s 3-6

Galway secured an all important win over Christopher’s and appeared to have their opponents where they wanted them for most of the second half of this game. However, two quick goals from Christopher’s late in the game almost saw them steal it only for Galway to come back at the very end with points from Anton McFadden and David Kelly to secure the points and stay on the playoff trail.

Colm O'Driscoll on the ball for Christopher's.
Galway had the upper hand in the first half. The tribesmen had the Christopher’s back line under pressure for most of the opening period. A goal from Shane Beston kept Christopher’s in the game. Apart from that hiccup Galway enjoyed the lions share of possession. Galway enjoyed most of the possession and with Gearoid O’Connor back in the forward line, the Galwaymen played some good passing football. Galway pointed through James Carroll, Dave Kelly and Kevin Cummins as the westerners kept up the pressure for the opening period. Christopher’s found occasional relief, and managed to keep in touch with scores from Eric Hegarty frees but Hegarty and fellow corner forward, Shane Beston were sitting idle in the full forward line for most of the half. Galway led by three at the break.

Shane Beston in possession chased by
Galway corner back Ger Dunphy.
Galway mopped up well at the back for much of the second half and Christopher’s forwards had to try to make the most of the scraps that came their way. Galway’s Kevin Cummins put the first three points of the second half over the bar, and was followed by one from Kelly and another from Carroll. With the Galway back line looking well able for anything Christopher’s could throw at them it looked like curtains for the Hyde Park men early in the half. Things were about to change however, and not without a stroke of good fortune. Christopher’s pegged back two points, which were followed by a goal that was unusual in it’s occurrence. A free appeared to have been awarded but the ball ended up in the back of the net with no apparent free taken, and the goal stood. Soon afterwards a second and equalizing goal came from Christopher’s. Colm O’Driscoll streaked between two defenders and finished from a tight angle. Galway were stunned having led so comfortably a few minutes beforehand. Eric Hegarty then put Christopher’s ahead with a free and the game was stunningly turned on it’s head. There was time left for Galway to pull it out however, and the westerners did just that. Galway regained the upper hand in the final 5 minutes and Anton McFadden leveled the scores running through from center back, and the winner came from Sligoman, David Kelly. Galway still in with a shout for the quarter finals.

Galway: P. McComiskey, D. Walsh, G. Dunphy, P. Cummins, E. Doherty, A. McFadden (0-1), A. Shore, E. Kavanagh, D. Reddin, G. O’Connor, D. Kelly (0-6), K. Cummins (0-4), J. Carroll (0-5). Christopher’s: S. Kelly, N. Ryan, E. O’Neill, K. O’Driscoll, A. Greaney, P. Kenneally, D. Kenneally, J. Kenneally, J. Moylan (0-2), C. O’Driscoll (2-0), P. Delaney, S. Beston (1-1), E. Hegarty (0-4). Sub: (0-1)

By Rory O'Donnell

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