Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday July 2 - Senior Football: Aidan McAnespies v Kerry

Aidan McAnespies 2-19 Kerry 1-8

Aidan McAnespies continued their winning streak with a relatively easy win against Kerry. Kerry were without starting midfielders Sean Fogerty and Peter Curry, which did not help their cause. McAnespies more or less had the game wrapped up at the end of the first half. A penalty that was put away by Paul O’Donoghue along with 10 points, to 5 points in Kerry’s column, provided the Macs with an 8 point cushion heading into the second half. The South Bostonians continued to scythe through the Kingdom’s defences in the second half. Mark Little was the catalyst for many of the McAnespies scores. The Fermanagh man motored smoothly and linked well with his fellow forwards.

Mark Little was in great form for McAnespies on Saturday.
Kerry made a mini-run in the second half. Ian Galvin found Stephen O’Brien with a cross-field ball and the Kerry corner forward finished well into the back of the net. Ian Whelan followed with a point, and another from Padraig Doyle. While Mike Godley, Mark Griffin, Doyle and Ian Galvin tried hard for Kerry, the Kingdom were no match for their opponents. James Hughes, Mark Little, and Sean Mallon put the final scores of the game away. Mallon’s score was a goal with Little providing the assist. Convincing for McAnespies, Kerry might have made a game of it with a full compliment of players but whether they could have turned the tables is doubtful given their opponents form so far this summer.

By Rory O'Donnell

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