Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday July 24 - Senior Hurling: Wexford v Fr. Tom Burke's

Fr. Tom Burke’s 1-9 Wexford 0-14

Tom’s and Wexford played a dogged affair with Wexford doing enough to hold off a stiff Tom’s challenge. Wexford looked to be comfortably ahead at the break, but Tom’s came fighting back in the second half and made it interesting towards the end. Certainly not a classic, but with the result Wexford set themselves apart from the rest of the field.

Wexford had the edge on Tom's in the first half.
It was a scrappy first half. After the sides traded scores to get things going, Wexford pulled away with some effective hurling. Tom’s did have some goal-scoring chances. A penalty that was taken by Camin Morey was saved, and shortly afterwards Tom’s had another goal chance but again Wexford’s last line of defence held up. Wexford, for their part, kept the scoreboard ticking over. Joe Lyng did well at center back, and points came from Mark Molloy, Brian Dowling, Gearoid O’Connor, and John Heatherton. Tommy O’Brien and Andrew Collier pointed for Tom’s to keep them in shouting distance. Each side was fortunate not to have players dismissed following a flare up in the Tom’s goalmouth that threatened to get out of hand. Yellow cards were shown to players from each side and things settled down.

The second half continued to be a disjointed affair with neither side finding any kind of rhythm or flow to their game. Tom’s wasted several scoring opportunities by either overplaying the ball or going for goal rather than the surer option. Wexford also missed several chances to extend their lead. Camin Morey pointed twice to get things going for Tom’s, while Stephen White and John Heatherton pointed for Wexford. Both sides hit several wides each before Tom’s hit with a goal. Trevor Kelly got behind the defence and his shot bounced once before hitting the back of the net. Tom’s were back in it, but Wexford did enough to hold off the challenge. Brian Dowling knocked three points over the bar as Tom’s continued to try to get the ball into Camin Morey who was well marshaled by the Wexford back line. Wexford now alone on top of the table.

Tom’s:  J. Grealish, E. Glynn, S. O’Brien, B. Harding, S. Higgins, P. Heneghan, T. Kelly, G. Hennelly, A. Collier, T. O’Brien, F. Keenan, S. Coen, C. Morey.  Wexford:  G. Griffey, D. Redmond, G. Dunphy, B. Dalton, J. Lyng, S. White, M. Molloy, P. Dowling, G. O’Connor, A. Shore, B. Dowling, T. Murphy, J. Heatherton.
By Rory O'Donnell

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