Monday, July 1, 2013

June 29 - Junior A1 Football: Aidan McAnespies v Cork

Aidan McAnespies 1-5 Cork 0-11

Cork added two points to their total in the junior A1 football division with a well earned win over Aidan McAnespies.  After handing McAnespies a goal that might as well have been gift wrapped with a ribbon on top, Cork got to work and picked off the points to take the lead before half time and make it safe as the 60 minutes approached.

Benny Morgan gives chase to Eoin O'Donovan
After Cork got into an early two points to one lead, and looked like they were beginning to get into a groove, the rebels suffered a brain freeze in defence and found themselves behind.  Cork were awarded a free out in front of their own goal and the quickly taken kick went right into the hands of Barry Smith on the 14 yard line.  Smith dished to Johnny McGourty who buried the shot and might have been thinking of sending a thank you card to Mike Carolan.  As it happened Cork recovered well and continued to work the ball well into the forward line through Jack Lynch and Paddy Minihane.  The rebels ended the half with three points from Minihane, Danny Donovan, and Mike Moynihan.  McAnespies kept in touch with a nicely taken point from Shane Lynn to keep it a one point game at the break, Cork 0-5 McAnespies 1-2.

Neil Donaghy charges forward for McAnespies.
The second half saw McAnespies come out strong for the first 15 minutes as they took the game to their opponents.  Neil Donaghy, Smith, and Enda Hamill were all over the kickouts and the northerners kept pace on the scoreboard, though could have been ahead but for some missed frees.  Goalkeeper Ryan McCrystal was called upon to convert from inside 30 yards on two occasions, one was over and a second went wide.  Cork struggled to get their game going and though many balls were swept up by McAnespie defenders, the rebels managed three points to maintain their lead.  Moynihan and Minihane converted between them.  After Cork keeper, Kieran Reid, made two good saves there was encouragement for the Corkmen and the passes started to find their men again.  Daniel Hazell popped up twice for points and Cork led by three as injury time approached.  There were disappointing scenes that spoiled what was a great game of football.  An incident as the ball was being kicked out led to an on field brawl involving most of the players and some of the mentors.  The end result was mentors from each side sent to the stands and red cards for Peadar Nugent, Neil Donaghy and Eoin O'Donovan.  The game ended shortly afterwards, with Cork getting a good win but with spectators left with the unsavory scenes in their minds.

Cork:  K. Reid, E. Barry, M. Carolan, E. O'Donovan (0-1), S. McGarr, D. Kearns, P. Minihane (0-2), J. Lynch, D. Hazell (0-2), M. Lyons (0-1), D. O'Donovan (0-2), L. Barden, M. Moynihan (0-3).  Macs:  R. McCrystal (0-1), E. Boland, M. Bogue, G. McAlinden (0-1), J. Flaherty, B. Morgan, C. Dempsey, N. Donaghy (0-1), B. Smith, J. McGourty (1-1), E. Hamill, S. Lynn (0-1), P. Nugent.
By Rory O'Donnell

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