Monday, August 31, 2009

Boston Champions 2009

Senior Football: Christopher's
Intermediate Football: Armagh-Notre Dame
Junior A Football: Aiden McAnespies
Junior B Football: Shannon Blues

Senior Hurling: Tipperary
Junior Hurling: Fr. Tom Burke's

Ladies Senior Football: Tir na nOg
Ladies Junior Football: Tir na nOg


Anonymous said...

These are only about half of the finals that were played in Boston. Where are the rest?

Rory said...

There were 4 finals scheduled for Saturday, but there was a day of heavy rain in the forecast so there was some last minute rescheduling. The Junior B Football and Junior Hurling were played the Friday night (I only found out after the fact), and the Ladies Junior and Intermediate were played on the B field concurrently with the games scheduled for field A. AS it turned out it was a wise decision since Saturday's weather was as forecast. So, I only saw the 4 games on the main field on Sunday and did not see the others - maybe next year I'll hire an assistant to help me out in thse situations and cover more games. Anybody out there willing to sponsor the site next summer or put an ad up - cheap introductory rates!